New York Times Mocks NRA Ad in Which Rape Victim Advocates Self-Defense

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

The New York Times mocked an NRA ad that shows a rape victim speaking up for her right to bear arms for self-defense. The ad features Kimberly Weeks–a “survivor of violent crime”–telling gun control proponent Michael Bloomberg that he “[does] not have the right to tell [her] how to defend [her] life.”

According to the NYT, this ad is illustrative of the NRA’s “expert use of fear” to “[put] guns in nervous hands.”   

The NYT claims other examples of this “expert use of fear” include the newest NRA magazine cover depicting a terrorist with a rifle. The paper’s editors say the fear is heightened by the cover’s caption, “Chaos at our door? A Dangerous World is Closing in.” The NYT does not mention what happened in Ottawa on October 22, when a recent convert to Islam used a rifle to shoot and kill Corporal Nathan Cirillo at a War Memorial before running into Parliament, where he was killed by a man with a gun.

What the NYT misses is the fact that neither Weeks’ sexual assault nor a terror attack with a rifle are theoretical propositions. They both happened. And in the wake of both cases, the important role guns play in preventing potential victims from becoming actual victims came into sharp relief.

The NYT wants readers to think the NRA is trying to scare Americans into voting pro-gun. In reality, the dangerous world in which we live has been doing a good job of that all by itself.

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  1. There is only one viable use for the NYT. Well, two actually.

    Cleaning windows and tinder for fire-starting.

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