News You Don’t Want to Read About Fukushima

FukushimaDr. Sircus

This has to be the worst picture I have ever seen. For all of us who thought we were safer down here in South America, a hemisphere removed from the jet streams blowing radiation directly from Fukushima over the United States, we can now see how false that belief is. In this video and a graph from NOAA (at the bottom of the newsletter) we see that La Nina is splitting the jet stream sending radiation increasingly over Hawaii and then on to South America.  

In a petition to United States Senators we read, “Although the initial meltdown of three reactors, from the earthquake/tsunami of March 11, 2011, occurred over 2 years ago, the complex is still highly unstable, and leaking radiation constantly into the air and water. The Pacific Ocean is more and more contaminated. West Coast marine mammals are dying by the thousands, and West Coast babies are sick. The FDA is not testing food for radiation, although many fish are contaminated, and there have been reports of milk, mushrooms, seaweed being radioactive. Nor is the air along the coast being checked by official agencies.”

Radiation levels are rising! The situation is getting worse, not better, but we are not hearing about that in the news until today’s headlines, Japan nuclear body says radioactive water at Fukushima an ‘emergency’Tepco confirms radioactive contamination flowing out into the sea. The head of Japan’s new Nuclear Regulation Authority, created since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami wrecked Fukushima, said this month he believed contamination of the sea had been continuing since the accident.

Samples taken on July 8, 2013 showed levels of cancer-causing caesium-134 were more than 90 times higher than they were on Friday, July 5, 2013 at 9,000 becquerels per liter, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) revealed.

It more than an emergency but our human minds cannot wrap themselves around this devastating destruction we have unleashed on the surface of the planet. We have shot ourselves in the foot and the gangrene (radiation) is spreading quick enough to kill the young thousands of miles away.

We live breathing denial and deception as a routine. Now we have something truly momentous to keep from our awareness. Remaining in denial though means we and our children will get sick and die faster because in denial we do not do anything to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

No one in authority is warning or teaching people how to protect themselves with minerals and other anti-cancer strategies. In my essay Divine Cancer Mathematics you can get a good idea of what will be effective in reversing some of the damages that come from rising levels of radiation.

It’s good to pay attention at this point for all will live longer with open awareness and intelligence. To be a good parent at this point we have to pay more attention to this spreading catastrophe. It is not going to be easy to protect our children from what we have allowed into modern civilization. If you are a parent you will be honoring your sacred responsibility to protect the children as much as possible. Every one of us can do better in this regard including myself.

Wearing white protective masks and suits, Yuzo Mihara  and his wife Yuko pose for photographs on a deserted street in the town of Namie, inside the Fukushima nuclear disaster exclusion zone

No one has been able to spend more than a couple of minutes at a time inside the three reactor buildings since they were crippled by the massive earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. The disaster is spreading, leaving wider and wider areas uninhabitable.

The most constant news streams about Fukushima are on this site but beware and take care it’s a horror story you will read. On this page of theirs you can actually see radioactive steam that has been escaping from one of the Reactors.


9 thoughts on “News You Don’t Want to Read About Fukushima

  1. The image u have there is not radiation in the air or sea.. It is the wave heights projected after the initial quake that hit fukushima. Please remove or inform people otherwise. This is false infrmation. However, the situation is very real and the dangers arnt being addressed by our governments which is in my eyes a form of mass genocide.

    1. The image came with the article from it’s source. We bring the articles to From the Trenches to be analyzed in an attempt to arrive at the truth. If these are the wave heights projected after the initial quake, then you have brought that forward and if you ever try to indicate that we are somehow deliberately presenting false information again, you will go into spam, never to be seen again. By putting articles or pictures up, we are not asserting any validity.
      We are just bringing the information forward. And, as politically incorrect as it might sound, we believe each individual can evaluate and disseminate for themselves. The discussions are important because they bring forth the best information we have to consider. And it would have been nice, as a part of your assertion, if you had put forth the proofs. Again, when you mention the dangers that are not being addressed by our government you failed to display. Though the situation does represent in my opinion what will result in a mass genocide.

  2. Hawaii is no longer ‘Paradise Lost?’

    What does Mr. Know-it-all, Mikey Rivero of WRH, say to that? Too bad he doesn’t believe the government is involved in modifying the weather, since it appears they might be using HAARP to direct that radioactivity to South America.

  3. This is Japan’s 9/11.

    However, it’s EXTREMELY unfortunate that this engineered ‘disaster’ affects the entire planet.

    Alpha lipoic acid.

  4. To think this is just one single nuclear plant. I couldn’t imagine if a tsunami rocked the east coast. The results would be catastrophic. One would think preventative measures would be taken but its always business as usual with this evil empire. Funny, they are so worried about Assad having nuclear capabilities but such a threat as this just gets swept under the rug.
    Like I said though, business as usual.

    1. Preventative measures WERE taken.

      To prevent the backup systems from functioning.

      The result is EXACTLY what they intended.

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