Next Crash Will Be ‘Worse Than The Great Depression’

World Events and the Bible

This headline comes from the NY Post. Apparently, the “experts” think the next crash is going to be worse than the “Great Depression“.  Well, these guys must be really bright, I mean they are great at pointing out the obvious. We have been talking about this subject for years, when all the “experts” said the system was fixed and stable.

No worries, we are not economists anyway, just folks with common sense and a Bible in our hand, what do we know? 

We know the fix was put in years ago and I do not mean in 2008, I mean in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established. They are neither “Federal,” nor do they have any “Reserves“.

Fast forward to 2008 and they, “our central bank” helped bail out the world, with your money that is.

Did you get a say?

Of course not.

Moving on, this nation and the entire world for that matter are now in more debt than ever. Far beyond the levels of 2008.


Following The Herd

Cheap money” and “group think“.

Group think” teaches you, interest rates are low, go buy a new; car, house, toy you name it.

People who are wise, know “cheap money” does not have an interest rate attached to it. “Cheap money” does not come in the form of a loan. That is fools money and the only ones who prevail there are the bankers.

Some people need a loan to purchase a home, but there are many other living options one can choose from in the meantime to save for that house and then, buy it on the dip. I will say, sometimes you can win by getting a loan and selling high, but that is a gamble. Your home is your castle, not your stock fund.

Moving on. 

The world was not fixed in 2008 after the last collapse. We have talked about that for years. It was “papered over” in the form of “cheap money“, those low interest rates we were just talking about.

Now the world is in record debt, including most American households and we now see those interest rates rising. If you think this is some grand accident you are kidding yourself.

It was a trap, 2008 was a great setup, not only did it bring the world closer together banking wise, but thought wise. The world and their governments said, ‘hey we need to work together to resolve this conflict we have here,‘ (think 1 Thessalonians 5:3).

And so they did.

They, being the governments and central banks who worked together.

Cheap Money

Interest rates fell to 0%, the central banks now lent imaginary computer generated money to regular banks at lower rates (1-3%, the central banks win). Those same banks turned around and lent you that money at a higher rate (the regular banks win). And you paid interest to the bank (you lose).

What a scheme huh?

Yet, nothing was fixed.

Instead, they said, ‘hey, loans are cheap now and homes are cheap, go buy‘.

So the world went out and bought homes, cars and gadgets and companies went further into debt exacerbating the problem.

Fake Money

Now the “experts” tell us grave danger is approaching when they told us years back everything was fixed, yet no one knows when it will come tumbling down. We all just know, it is coming…

I want you to remember this whole house of cards, the whole thing is built on money that really does not exist. It is a fabrication of reality, yet because we “believe” in the system, that fabrication will become real to us when they pull the plug.

The fact of the matter is, the central banks, the ones essentially making up the computer generated money could keep making it up. As long as people “believe” things are okay, they will be okay.

So you have to ask yourself, why are the central banks going to stop providing that “cheap money” when it is fabricated?

Why are they going to tell us everything is not okay and destroy our “belief” system?

I feel it is about time for the next phase of globalism, and the financial system like always, will be one of those avenues used to bring it about.

World Events and the Bible

One thought on “Next Crash Will Be ‘Worse Than The Great Depression’

  1. problem is, that after the last crash, everyone is claiming the next crash is just about to happen. 11 years of chicken little and the sky is falling.

    eventually someone will be correct. last time around the alternative media pretty much nailed it before it happenened. this time?


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