Koyote Prophecy 101.1

Eventually, most world governments and peoples, will become incensed by Israelis theft of land, stealing of resources, lying and murders, and will see the U.S. for the crypto Jewish state that it has become.

The small arms treaty that was signed a few years ago with the UN, will be the catalyst for a UN invasion by several countries at once in an  attempt to disarm the American population, to be put under the rule of the harsher tenants of Islam, not by the Arabs or Muslims themselves, but likely by the Mossad and CIA.  

They have to keep milking it until every last dime that can be squeezed is counted and added to the pile, and as time progresses, they are finding themselves living more and more in fear….


3 thoughts on “Koyote Prophecy 101.1

  1. Thanks, Koyote. Very scary prophesy, and likely accurate. It makes me wanna fight harder, not just so that nothing is taken “from my cold dead hands,” but also to fight for my very soul. I’m beginning to think that to not fight is a kind of sin of omission.


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