18 thoughts on “What next? Are they going to destroy Stone Mountain?

  1. This is a bunch of bullsh#t this polictical correct crap is really getting out of hand, recreating history is destroying this country and it is well designed. Keep the powder dry.

  2. Yeah , and while we’re at it
    Mount Rushmore
    Crazy Horse Monument
    Georgia Guide Stones

    And the whole of D.C.!

    Let’s tear down every F-ken monument in this entire country
    Tit for Tat

    So sick of these people

      1. The revolver with its barrel tied in a knot outside of the UN, there are many more deserving demolition I’m sure, what about ole Moloch in the grove?

    1. No doubt all the stone left over from the demolition of our national heritage will be shipped to China and Isrealhell to pave the roadways of the overlords.

  3. “The historical carving on Stone Mountain is the only memorial to a trio of Southern generals and their horses: Jefferson Davis on Blackjack, Robert E. Lee on Traveler and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson on Little Sorrel.”

    Communists are pathetic, no love your neighbor as yourself, live and let live.
    Parasites living off the production of the laboring person as they feed an insatiable appetite to have which does not belong to them.They are truly worthless only leaving waste in their frenzy to ruin a people and its culture and history.

    All this history(monuments) being destroyed saddens me, and causes a feeling of not doing enough. To be aware is one thing, to do something is another.

  4. But Katie we are doing something by not letting the memories die. I remember helping my daughter with history lessons in the public fool system in the 90’s and having to explain to her how it was not what I was taught when I was in school. I shared what I was taught but she concentrated on doing well in school. Anyhow, by not letting our memories be rewritten we are doing something. Remember that 🙂

  5. What next? Are they going to destroy Stone Mountain?

    Now you’ve gone and given them the idea!!! LOL

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