NFL Teams Play Before Empty Stadiums As Fan Backlash Spreads

Breitbart – by Dylan Gwinn

It’s not necessarily news, that no one watches the Cleveland Browns. After all, Cleveland has lost 22 of their last 23 games and seems determined to set new marks for organizational futility. So the fact that the Browns can’t draw flies, shouldn’t necessarily cause alarm bells to go off.

However, because emptying stadiums seems to be the one thing the Browns do well, let’s give them their due by showing the “crowd” that assembled in Cleveland for the Browns-Titans game this Sunday:  

Okay, now that we’ve paid homage to the team that wrote the book on sports futility. Let’s show some teams that are slightly less familiar with fan alienation. Here’s Soldier Field on Sunday, as the Bears took on the Panthers:

Granted, the Bears came into this game with a 2-4 mark, and were by no means lighting the world on fire. However, they have a 1st round draft pick making his second start, in quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, and the Panthers coming in with a 4-2 record. To be clear, no way would this game ever get America’s Game of the Week treatment, but that’s a better game than the crowd size would suggest.

Likewise, look at the scene in Miami on Sunday:

Both the Jets and the Dolphins came into this game with records of .500 or over. Both teams are also in the same division, making it a rivalry game as well. Yet, look at the vast emptiness of that stadium. There’s no way that stadium should be so empty:

Normally, the Cowboys coming to town means you pack your stadium. Well, not in 2017:

Here’s another glimpse from an unsurprising, yet severe example of the fan backlash against the NFL:

The NFL has a serious attendance problem, one with no end in sight.

18 thoughts on “NFL Teams Play Before Empty Stadiums As Fan Backlash Spreads

  1. Too many blacks in the game, whiten up the sport, same goes for jungle ball, like watching a bunch of moon crickets cow tow to snoop dog after a blunt fest.

    1. Really?
      whiten up the sport?
      should the U.S. Fed gov do that?
      Perhaps the cops should!
      Maybe you could lead a ballot initiative for you to vote for. Lol

      Your an f-in commie biggot. Go eat a Twinkie and drink some tap water.

      1. Dude, what?

        umm Mark is about the furthest thing from a commie,
        hell of a thing to say without reading more of his posts

        please take the time to learn about our community here before going off half cocked

      2. Ed,

        Just had the opportunity to read your bullshit comment. Yeah, whiten up the goddamn sport, and while we’re at it, whiten up the mind set of the asswipes who want to disrespect our flag and what it’s supposed to stand for.

        Yep, I have no problem takin shit from asswipes, especially ones that call me a biggot. I,m gettin tired of blacks who,s shit don’t stink. If you even come close to knowing who the hell I am, you would piss your panties on how much I shit on whites as well.

        Ed Teach, your a fart in the wind to me, drop dead.

        Looking forward to your next Martin Luther king response. And while your at it, press that donate button and give to the owners of this site, they make it possible for narrow minded clowns like you to post here. Put your money where your mouth is asshole.

    1. Yeah, I think that’s a big part of the problem, Mary, and I don’t know how much of this is attributable to the kneeling during the anthem non-sense.

      People can’t afford tickets, and if they’re tuning into real news (as more and more of them are), they’re probably losing interest in a lot of other silly distractions, too. When you realize what’s actually going on in the world, all of a sudden football isn’t very important anymore.

      But the kneeling during the anthem may have been the final straw for a lot of people. I mean, weren’t some of these fag football players also kissing on the field recently? (that’ll cost you a few viewers, too)

    2. I think that’s the biggest reason, by far! Security is also a concern as the gropers are stationed at football games now. But, without a doubt, paying a couple hundred dollars for an afternoon of frustrating traffic, TSA, drunk fanatics and insane food prices, is anything like priceless.


    3. That and people are not wanting to be in large groups where’s they are disarmed and Jack booted if they get out of line.

  2. It’s a rigged game anyway, just look at some of the ridiculous calls made by the refs, casino bosses paying big bucks for a rigged game.

    I’d rather watch Trump comb his hair.

  3. As a FORMER Dolphins fan (and Aggie homeboy Tannehill’s ACL tear is another reason I am a FORMER Dolphins fan–can’t stand Jay Cutler!), I completely see why Dolphins fans won’t show up. When WR Kenny Stills, born-in-England RB Jay Ajayi, OTs Laremy “Bong Man” Tunsil and Ju-waun “Penalty Machine” James wore black t-shirts supporting Colin “I love Castro” Kaepernick at Jets game in NY week 3 WHEN THEY PLAY IN A CITY THAT IS ABOUT ONE-THIRD CUBAN-AMERICAN (said Cuban Americans fleeing Communism and Fidel Castro) these players are insulting their fans and I do not blame at all the fact that Hard Rock Stadium is half-full or less (even though Fins made playoffs last year and could this year as well). And I know their ticket prices went up in 2017 because they played well last year for a change.

    I am surprised anyone goes to Browns and Niners games! Both teams are terrible. And Mark is right–the NFL has been rigged by not only officials but the League head honchos as well for many many years.

    I am not following the NFL at all this year and may never watch an NFL game again. And it really isn’t about protests–it’s about players insulting their fans, the people who pay their salaries.

    1. Too bad this doesn’t work in Buffalo. Jim Kelly gives the middle finger to his fans and the fans give up their food stamps so he can play and flip them off again. Go figure.

  4. “it’s about players insulting their fans, the people who pay their salaries”
    This^ ( and i absolutely support your comment )

    Its also the stupid prices for EVERYTHING even the dam seat
    plus the invasion of privacy, the “security” and now you cant bring a dam thing in with ya

    so stupid to watch a bunch of spoiled adults play a kids game and get paid stupid money to do it.. really? this is some folks thing?

    get a hobby!

  5. Like all pro sports, football used to be affordable. Tickets were fairly cheap and you could take coolers in with food, beer and booze. Now it is an over-priced crap show with full security theater, nothing allowed to be brought in and you are stuck paying ridiculous prices for lousy beer, watered down drinks and low quality junk food. No thanks.

  6. So many good points here as to why sales are down. I’ll just add that it’s also ’cause folks are waking up, from high-school students to little church ladies, from inner cities to ivy league schools. From all camps, the level of fed-up-ness is soaring. Seems the corruption and deception is no longer so easily hidden. I see this as a positive. To summarize:


  7. Well when you charge almost a hundred bucks a ticket for people who barely make that in a week, what do you expect?

    Of course if you’re in Buffalo that’s a different story. Them people have nothing to do but sell their soul for the next Bills game. It’s sick.

  8. Serves ’em right.

    ALL pro sports are fixed, as well as college.

    The stinking jews leave nothing to chance when it comes to acquiring mammon.

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