NJ elementary school cancels Halloween parties, cites diversity

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A northern New Jersey elementary school has canceled Halloween parties at the school this year; officials cite community diversity and say some students felt left out at past parties.

NJ.com reports that a school letter sent to parents says different cultures are represented in the Seth Boyden Elementary School community and many students felt left out at past Halloween celebrations. Principal Mark Quiles and two PTA co-presidents said about 20 percent of the student body didn’t participate last year.  

An attempt to cancel Seth Boyden’s parties in 2014 sparked a community debate that ultimately led to reinstatement of the celebrations days prior to Halloween.

A school district spokeswoman says no Halloween parties were planned at the school this year, but the letter was sent to avoid confusion.


3 thoughts on “NJ elementary school cancels Halloween parties, cites diversity

  1. Well she wouldn’t have been allowed to say they couldn’t do Halloween because it’s a Satanic holiday, now could she? Good idea: take God out of public schools, but let’s keep Satan in public schools….

    1. It is not Satanic in the slightest, it is an ancient Gallic/Celtic (Pagan) festival for the day the spirits of the departed ancestors come back to visit, it was a day of celebration with lots of feasting and drinking.

  2. Must be for everyone or no one – can’t leave anyone out

    Just like “real Life” where everything is peachy all the time, smells like the best roses and everyone finishes equal.

    Just “like” socialism.

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