No Live Broadcast Today

There will be no live broadcast of The Word From the Trenches today.  You can listen to our player or Live365 for a rebroadcast.

Hopefully JD and Spike will be broadcasting live tomorrow on Thursday as JD will have a guest on.

We will be back up live next Wednesday.  I had to get away before this kills me.

18 thoughts on “No Live Broadcast Today

  1. You deserve a break, Henry (and admin, who really does all the work LOL). 🙂

    Get some rest, Henry. Relax, and we’ll all stay pissed off for you. 👿

  2. yes, Henry, a little vacation is a high priority.
    If there’s anything I can do to help in your absence (or your presence), please inform me.

  3. I was wondering how long you two would be taking a vacation/break. You two deserve it if anyone does. I hope that all is well. Enjoy your selves ya deserve it.
    I will be missing the Word though but that can wait. We got archives 🙂

  4. Hey Henry. Gear up and get yourself and your family out in the back country away from all sh!t for a while. Stay well brother. Love yall. 🙂

  5. We all need to takes breaks here and there!! Especially as much as you guys work! I am glad to see you decided to take some R and R!! 🙂 Enjoy yourselves, you guys deserve it!!

  6. Henry may God speed in your regrouping. Will keep you and family in thoughts and prayers. Remember we know who wins in the end and it isn’t them.

    Much thanks for your faithfulness in reporting the truth. We will miss you.

  7. I will volunteer for firewatch!…….Hope you have a good r&r henry/keep up the
    good work/take your time and relax when you get back, we will all be “in the
    trenches” with you.

  8. You’re the man Henry, and you’re the woman Laura. Rest those pipes a bit brother, we’re gonna need your unmatched rousing commentary when this fight gets hot! Thanks for everything you all do with this site

  9. Henry, I can’t think of people more deserving of a break than you, Laura, and JD. Just reading all the articles I submit to the site makes my blood boil most days, so I can only imagine how the combined sum of everyone’s submissions makes you feel! I hope you get some good fishing in and have a relaxing time whatever you decide to do!

  10. Rest up Henry and Laura.

    Damn, I can see you now: damn baby, I’m so sick of this sh&@. Me too. I’m ready to pop a vessel. Well, then, let’s blow this popcicle stand and gather our sanity. Of to the woods!

    I hope my humor came across! Love you guys! Get plenty of R&R. We’ll be alright in the trenches without any infighting. Be well, and most of all, have fun. Hubba Hubba!

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