Nobel Prize Economist Claims Whites Damaging to Jewish Takeover of America

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In a recent television interview, Nobel Prize winning economist, Paul Krugman admitted the jewish plan to undermine and destroy White power in America through the promotion of diversity and race mixing:  

In the interview, Krugman stated:

I do not think this is a permanent condition.  The craziness comes more from cultural ethnic issues than anything else, because you have a… A lot of the real craziness come from, if you like, from rural White Americans who feel that they’re losing their country, they’re losing ownership of the country. And they are right — we are becoming more diverse, more multicultural. And in the end, they are they…they…they are not the future. In the end, the power they still have will go away. But it’s a very difficult time until then. So the future is Mayor Deblasio of New York, but Ted Cruz is still out there with the ability to do a lot of damage.

Krugman may have a Nobel Prize, but he still doesn’t know the difference between a White person and a mixed race Hispanic like Ted Cruz.  And it is a testament to how successful the jewish propaganda machine has worked that rural White Americans vote for non-Whites like Ted Cruz, falsely believing that he shares their values.

Notice how nervous Krugman is as he describes the end of White America — he stutters and shifts his eyes around, almost as if he knows he’s saying something naughty.  He’s nervous because he’s not sure when White people are going to wake up and realize that it’s Jews like himself who are behind the destruction of White America.  He’s worried because he knows that White America is going to come for him when they figure out the destruction he’s wrought.

Right of the Right

4 thoughts on “Nobel Prize Economist Claims Whites Damaging to Jewish Takeover of America

  1. Thanks Mary. I hope to see this one spread around. It reminds me of Barbara Spectre’s famous rant about Europe becoming multicultural, but for America.

  2. Executive order. 656632.

    It is now against the law to be white.

    C’mon now.

    Thatz like taking a starving grizzly bear and putting it in a daycare center full of screaming toddlers.

  3. He is the “target” for the guns they still can’t take away from us Americans.
    An irrational beady eyed Jew who’s been given educational authority to claim psychopathic truths are real.
    A through C zones hits count the same on this motherf!@ker,
    Double taps preferred.
    This scumbag is the epitome of the Jew that needs to make Aliyah to Israel…or anywhere but the US,

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