None Dare Call It Genocidal Fascism

tyrannyThe Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges

“Everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing above the state”  Benito Mussolini

“We‘ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”   Barack Obama

“America: From Freedom to Fascism”  Aaron Russo  

It turns out that Carl Jung was correct, we do have some form of collective consciousness which resides in human beings which is also transmitted from one generation to another. Whether it is confronting a bear or a snake, scientists have found that genetic memories are indeed transmitted along one’s DNA. Subsequently, we come into this life hard-wired to face previously faced dangers.

genocide break down doorIf the above is so irrefutably true, then why does mankind fail so miserably in dealing with the nature of despotic rule? For example, democide took an estimated 265 million innocent lives in the 20th century by the hand of the victims own government.  Are our psychological and genetic programming failing us this miserably? Literally, our preprogrammed genes should be screaming “Danger Will Robinson”.

America Is a Virulent Fascist State

As I am writing these words, I am keenly aware that the NSA is tracking every keystroke. You should also be cognizant of the fact that as you read these words, the NSA is increasing your threat matrix score which makes it more likely that you are now a prime candidate for an all expenses paid vacation to a re-education camp.

tsa goosing grannyWe have significant anxiety as we try and fly because of the “stranger danger” which lurks at the airport with blue-uniformed pot-bellied perverts foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the opportunity to touch the breasts of our wives and to stick their hands down the pants of our young boys.

We see more stories everyday about the martial law preparation of the police along with their DHS provided paramilitary equipment, their SWAT team raids, their killing of an average of 500 innocent American citizens per year. We know that our prisons have been privatized which incentivizes these paramilitary police to arrest people for petty drug offenses which supports an industry supported and controlled by our tax-supported CIA.

Federal entities consistently are seeking to deprive Americans of life and property. FDA SWAT teams raid raw milk producers and confine the owners to lengthy jail stays before releasing them without charges.

The EPA is the hardest working organization within our Federal government. While our President is busy vacationing and playing golf, his minions are busy stealing the properties of innocent, hard-working Americans under some silly notion that a damn fish is more important than the economic welfare of its citizens.

Nancy Pelosi admits to insider-trading, but ordinary Americans go to jail for far less. Dianne Feinstein entered the Senate as a millionaire and now she is worth over a quarter of a billion dollars. Where is the IRS? If you have unexplained income, you are likely to do 20 years in prison.

You now live in a country where our contrived enemies want to attack us over these mythical freedoms. Yet, in land of the free, we incarcerate 2 million people for mostly petty offenses. We guarantee private prison profits and the US has over 25% of the prison population on this planet.

We live in a country which allows its courts to steal the children of anti-Agenda 21 protesters (e.g. Stacy Lynne). We permit unelected bureaucrats to shut the power and water off for citizens who are legally opting out of the installation of cancer-causing smart meters (e.g. Virginia Farver).

The stories are rampant with regard to government harassment of political opponents through misusing the authority of the IRS. In fact, a person would be hard-pressed to identify even one federal agency that exists to truly serve the needs of the people.

Our skies are chemtrailed with elements such as barium and aluminum and we wonder why our cancer and Alzheimer’s rates are skyrocketing. Our water is fluoridated with IQ-lowering jet fuel. Our children, with structurally developing brains, are massively prescribed methamphetamines for the imaginary illness of ADHD. Our food is poisoned by GMO’s and we don’t have the right to opt out of eating GMOs because the government allows Monsanto the right to get away without labeling which foods contain GMOs .

Most concerning is the fact that our military is being turned upside down. Over 260+ senior command officers have been fired by Obama. Why? Because Obama and his handlers plan on purging the public as they have the military and it is obvious that these military leaders will not participate in the coming mass unwarranted arrests and genocidal exterminations of American citizens for holding on to such beliefs as liberty and freedom.

After completing multiple combat tours of duty, our soldiers are drugged, have their guns confiscated and incarcerated at an alarming rate. Our children are committing suicide at an alarming rate.

Our government continues to forge job-killing free trade agreements (e.g. TPP) which ships millions of American jobs out of the country.  As a result, over half of the country is on some type of federal welfare.

Our children are subjected to one curiosity-killing federal education program after another (e.g. Common Core). This has resulted in our students being dead last in the developed world in educational achievement. After decades of these failed programs, our adult population has become dumber than a box of rocks. The globalists have us right where they want us. Fat, dumb and not-so happy.

The biggest insult of all, which has been levied against our Republic, is the fact that the total collapse of our economy and ultimately our government, is being led and orchestrated by an illegal alien.

Did you ever believe that you would live in an America where you could be snatched off of the street without any form of due process and secretly held without the hope of having a trial? Did you ever believe that the government could take all of your property and enslave you without any due process of law? Under the NDAA and Executive Order 13603, ownership of your possessions and your freedom has been transferred to the dictatorial mandates of the state.

Most frighteningly, this country has been subjected to one false flag attack after another and the worst is yet to come. But the biggest attack upon America, and all of humanity, is transhumanism. While the elite try and obtain immortality, they are simultaneously seeking to violently reduce the population by any means possible. We are being radiated by Fukushima in conjunction with massive poisoning of ordinary people as detailed in the abovementioned paragraphs.


Americans are playing in a totally rigged game. Anyone who dares question the emerging fascist status quo is labeled and marginalized as a “conspiracy theorist”, as if two bad people would never conspire to do anything wrong.

America needs to engage in its own conspiracy. However, before we can hope to be successful in any resistance movement, we must first and foremost increase our numbers. All fully-aware citizens must become disciples of the truth and you must become obsessed with spreading the word as to what is happening to the United States and our citizens.

I have been studying the tactics of past reformers and trying to judge which tactics might prove most useful in terms of resisting the tyranny which has overrun our country. I would invite your comments to this regard as this will be the topic of part two of this series.

Time is very short, we are literally being poisoned to death and we need to collectively act before it is too late. And I realize that it may already be too late. If this is the case, then at least we have the satisfaction that we died on our feet while resisting tyranny instead of being an accomplice in our own demise.

One thought on “None Dare Call It Genocidal Fascism

  1. Hey let’s get real here. Power is not taken it is given. Think about it. If a neighbor came to your door and demanded your riding lawnmower or he would burn down your house would you turn it over. Of course not! Why? Because he has no right to it, it is yours and you would find away to get him off your back. So see you did not give him the power to take it and he could not.

    What we have here again is we give them the power to do all that they do. They really don’t take it. There are many examples of them backing down when we raised the wall. Why has the National ID and amnesty taken so long. They wanted this over a decade ago. Point taken.

    I am sick of these bloggers reporting on the evils of government. The people are good so can we say that evil triumphs? No it wins when we stand by and allow it. That is good food for thought. My opinion again.

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