Norfolk self-defense instructors see increase in calls after mass shootings

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NORFOLK, Va. – In just a few weeks, there have been a series of mass shootings across the United States.

With these high profile cases of gun violence happening in ordinary places like a synagogueyoga studio and even a bar, some people are wondering if they can do more to protect themselves.  

“Recognition of a potentially violent situation is where people are looking for some kind of training,” says Ronald Manes, Master Instructor at Kobukan Martial Arts Academy.

Manes teaches martial arts in the City of Norfolk and says within the last month he has noticed an increase in calls from people interested in his classes, which is unusual for this time of year.

Self-defense instructors say they want people to know fighting back – especially where weapons are involved – isn’t the safest option.

The Department of Homeland Security says during a shooting, your first instinct should be to run away. If you can’t escape, try to hide from the shooter and if you can’t run or hide, fight back as an absolute last resort.

7 thoughts on “Norfolk self-defense instructors see increase in calls after mass shootings

  1. I’m so confused. ..

    Between religion an politics.

    Now…I considered “mass” shootings.
    Something that should only happen in a church.


    I haven’t done any Muslim or Jew jokes .. so. .

    Well how do you keep Muslims and Jews from doing mass shootings…??

    You hang bacon on your front door.

    Did you know Larry the cable guy sells ribs..?

    They’re pre cooked.

    Just heat and eat.

    Hang them outside the door…

    I still have to figure out how to scare off the Jehovah’s witnesses though.

    Evidently pork doesn’t affect them.

  2. November 14, 2018


    Just tell the Jehovah’s You have Ghosts in the house, could they help solve Your problem?? They won’t be back.

    1. Lol
      When the JW’s came to my door after working a double shift as I just got to sleep
      I came to the door and yelled

      You come to my door at this ungodly hour talking about Jeasus Christ , you better BE Jeasus Christ !

      They never came back


    Aaand this is why a gun is better. I just looove their sage advice on the last resort. Every step of the way, the populace is being indoctrinated to not resist. Same in school with defending yourself from a violent attack, you are charged with a felony the same as your attacker. I have clients who are “forbidden” to ever purchase a firearm because they defended themselves from violent attackers in school.

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