North Carolina Woman Being Evicted From Her Own Land For Living in Tent

North Carolina Woman Being Evicted From Her Own Land For Living in TentPatriot Net Daily – by John PND

Ingred Larson received an eviction notice from the county today. Why? For living in a tent on her own property. Yes. Really. She is being evicted for living in a tent on her own land.

10 years ago the city sewer line flooded her home with 10,000 gallons of raw sewage. There was a settlement, however the city/county wants her to hook back up to the county sewer system, but Larson does not want to, and would rather hook up to the septic tank system on her property. The county doesn’t want that, and is forcing her to hook-up to the city sewer.  

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“I am prepared to deal with whatever comes,” Larsen said. “If I have to go to court or even if I have to go to jail because this is my land, this is my home.” said Larson…the use of a tent in Brunswick County must take place in an approved campground. The tent located on Larson’s property is currently in violation of a county ordinance and must be removed immediately. The letter also said if the tent is not removed, her case would be referred to Brunswick County’s legal department.”

It sounds like a battle of wills. But a battle that probably should never happen to begin with. When authorities use a camping ordinance to evict a property owner from their own property, what happens then?

In this author’s opinion, this is something that should never happen. If a landowner wants to live in a tent on their own land, let them be. Leave them alone. How are her rights being respected? Infringing on a landowners rights to live on their own land how they please is unacceptable.

Is this an overstep and abuse of power by the city/county authorities?

How is a property owner’s rights being respected and upheld?

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16 thoughts on “North Carolina Woman Being Evicted From Her Own Land For Living in Tent

  1. “If I have to go to court or even if I have to go to jail because this is my land, this is my home.” said Larson…”

    Exactly what they’re hoping for… it’s what the ‘court system’ is designed to do – waste your time & resources, while enriching their coffers. As tc pointed out, you don’t own that land anyway.

    UNLESS you have an allodial title.

    Doubtful… very few do.

    1. Glad you mentioned Allodial Title…we tried to get allodial title to our land back in the mid-90s but couldn’t. Local courthouse authorities claimed that since we did not have original title to the land (heck, the RR company that originally held the deed to “WJG-1” or what this land area is called didn’t even “own it”…this was a land grant by the “state” (formerly Republic) of Texas to the RR company…

      As far as I know the Rockefellers are one of the very few families that have allodial titles…I read in one patriot literature newspaper back then that the royals of England STILL have allodial title to parts of the original 13 colonies!

      ANYONE who has to pay property taxes can NOT get allodial titles! (the allodial title issue was one of the first issues Rick McLaren brought up in legal work that led him to begin his “Republic of Texas” movement…had he stuck with these kinds of issues and not gotten into money laundering and gun running using the so-called Washitaw Nation as proxies, maybe things would be a lot better in Texas (and who know the RoT movement might have worked!)

      1. Amazing how little most people understand about ‘ownership’ these days, DL.

        And I mean ‘understand’ in the traditional sense of the word, NOT the ‘court’s’ meaning.

  2. If anyone get a hold of this woman, tell her to look up her state’s statutes and what the definition of person is. Then if her name is in capital letters(ex: STATE V. NAME), tell her go to the business statutes. She has to break the assumption she is operating in commerce. When you see your name in capital letters, you are assumed to be operating in commerce until you break that presumption. Right away, at any first hearing, she needs to challenge jurisdiction. Make the STATE prove jurisdiction over her the “natural” person. She can go to Dunn and Bradstreet website to prove that that her STATE, COUNTY, CITY, DMV, and even SHERIFF are corporate entities, but further to prove that her ALL CAPS name is not a corporation. Therefore, the court has no jurisdiction over her until she tresspass against someone rights and they can prove damages.

    1. It’s nearly impossible to copyright your strawman corporate entity these days. I know, I tried a few years ago through a company here in OR that specializes in that procedure.

      They sent me a letter with a list of changes that had occurred in the last few years prior to my inquiry. The fourth change on that list was that all inquiries to the Treasury Dept. were being forwarded to a certain FBI terrorist dept.

      Luck with that.

  3. Wakey Wakey. If she doesn’t have a land patent, she does not own her land – the state does. Equally, if you don’t have an allodial type title you don’t own your house, the state does.

    Time for everyone to see what has been standing right in front of them – we have tenement real estate law in his nation. “Property” tax is merely a tenant tax; if you really owned the property nobody could seize it for non payment of taxes. There’s your proof right there – what’s yours cannot be taken from you and when it is taken from you it is an action of theft not explained away as a result of not paying some thug-commanded compulsion.

  4. Also do not pay donations for any type of GREEN SOCIETY/GROUP who chat about a clean green earth because they use that money to claim imminent domain if your log cabin is in the woods in some place then they will get you evicted and stripped off of any ownership of property and it will be destroyed.

    The tactic here is the fake green movement wants everyone to start moving to the cities and away from the burbs.

  5. the tpp is going to be law. so everyone needs to incorporate their land or themselves, then when overeach occurs, you the go to the corporate tribunals and seize the property of the county leaders, for lost profits. can’t lose, your time is profit. if this happens on a mass scale look out

  6. What’s going on in America? The stupid people are in charge?

    In other countries this would be a classed as a prank. The tv crew will appear & victim will be all embarrassed.

    If this happened to me I’d be telling them to jog on. The 21st century is not about threatening the US (authorities) with nukes. It’s about calling them stupid tw@ts. Everyone in the world should be doing this. Ner ner net ner ner – Stupid Tw@ts!

    I feel embarrassed & ashamed for the American public.

  7. Sorry but it is going to take lots of blood to take this country back and most will not pull themselves away from there god the TV to care or do anything about it…america died many many years ago sometime around 1913 and people could care less as long as the game and a six-pack are on for tonight.

    1. oRight, sorry, but most of that blood is going to be communist blood and make no mistake, there are more than a plenty of us to do this job.
      How much do you get paid for this bullshit? They must be pretty f#@king desperate to put someone as blatantly obvious as you on the payroll.

  8. the problems begin when you record your deed with the town when you purchase property. try not recording. whom does the town tax? whom do they hold responsible for building permits? answer? the owner of record who no longer has a legal right to the property. i did not record my last deed and the town and state went nuts.

  9. First of all she is a tenant of the property not the owner.that is stated on the deed in the county’s administration or clerk’s office. your property taxes are considered as rent you don’t own anything in this world.sorry,if you not a rockefeller or the queen of england you don’t own shit.she will lose this battle with the country board of supervisors.

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