12 thoughts on “North Haven Connecticut 39 degrees windy and chilly headed for New Hampshire 10:45 a.m.

    1. So beautiful in these parts, forecast looks good, you must be north

      In my world thats fairly close, i gotta cut out if here early in the morning, god knows where, I just don’t want to get stuck in freak weather. It gets nasty in this area, should be ok though.

  1. Ha, I was up there yesterday! Seabrook, New Hampshire. I go there every Tuesday from Philly. I HATE Connecticut. I can’t stand how people drive in that state. I’ve literally gone an hour out of my way just to go around that state.

    1. i hate conn. too man, I took a bypass as well, anything to stay away from the GW bridge, fk that…95 throughway up from there Suffern, NY area into White Plains NY area, up through there.

      by way of Harrisburg, PA

      1. I usually go NJ Turnpike over the GW, to 91N, to 84 East, to 90, then 90 to 290, then 90 to 495 North. 495 runs me up to the place. But I leave our yard in NE Philly around 2am. But you can run 87 up to 90 and 90 into Mass. About an hour out of my way but F it. If you ever have to pick up a load of dairy from HP Hood in Northeast Philly, that’s my yard. We have lots of outside carriers picking up. Maybe we’ll run into each other someday.

        1. that fkg bridge toll for my truck eastbound is $92.00. Cold fkg day in hell before I pay that, or my company, no fkg waaay….

          cars are only 16.00 off peak eastbound


          fkg Jew York anal stretch…

          1. I go over that raggedy bridge 3-4 times a week haha. Sometimes I go around it and hit the Tappan Zee.

          2. yep, me too the new bridge Tappan Zee is awesome, ive gone that route for twenty years..Gone over the GW 3 times I think maybe 4.

            The word AIDS pops into my head every time I cross the SOB GW bridge.

            GW bridge will give you AIDS LMAO

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