North Korea Threatens To Strike South ‘Without Notice’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un recently ordered the execution of an uncle. (Getty Images)CBS DC

SEOUL (CBS DC) – Tensions between North and South Korea kicked up a notch after a threatening fax was sent from Pyongyang to Seoul on a special communications line between the two rival capitals.

In it, the North’s National Defense Commission warned it could strike “without notice,” reports South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

The move came as conservative groups and North Korean defectors held rallies against Kim Jong-Un regime.  

The protests were timed to coincide with the second anniversary of the death of his father, Kim Jong-Il.

The North Korean military condemned those rallies as an insult to the country’s “highest dignity.”

Kim Jong-Il recently ordered the execution of his uncle Jang Song-Thaek in order to consolidate his grip on power.

After the execution, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye ordered military leaders to revise plans to cope with the changing situation on the peninsula.

South Korea responded to the threat by sending its own message to Pyongyang vowing to “sternly react” to any provocation from the North.

2 thoughts on “North Korea Threatens To Strike South ‘Without Notice’

  1. WOW!!!,…

    Another striking “coincidence”!!!!,…

    Once again,… just after that circus freak, Dennis Rodham shows up,… North Korea starts talking global war again,….

    Uhuh,…. sure,.. right,…. he was, “Not there for political reasons” (Rodman’s statement,.. not mine)

    He we go again people,.. time for another episode of North Koreas version of,… “As The Stomach Turns”….

    JD – US Marines – Wow,.. they don’t even really try to NOT make this look like the Dog & Pony it is anymore.

    1. If it’s one thing I DESPISE it’s being lied to right in your face and this government and these corporations controlling them are just doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY now and it PISSES ME OFF TO HIGH HELL!!

      And Rodman going over there and stating he is not there for political reasons and then a day later, North threatens the South. It’s all in your face! It PISSES ME OFF! And they get away with it!


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