North Korea Withdraws Missiles from Launch Site

Korea LeaderIntelliHub-by Andrew Freeman

After months of trash talking and sabre rattling on all sides of the conflict, the North Korean missile crisis may be coming to an end.

Diplomacy between the west and North Korea has been especially fragile in recent weeks, especially with the American citizen who was sentenced to 15 years hard labor there.  Luckily a calm in the storm has been reached, and the North Korean government has withdrew their missiles from the launch site.  

Late last night CNN reported that:

Two North Korean Musudan missiles have been withdrawn from a launch site in the eastern part of the country and sent to a storage facility, a U.S. official confirmed Monday.  The United States had been worried about the prospects of the regime firing the missiles.  For weeks last month, North Korea dished out daily sabre-rattling threats aimed at South Korea and the United States.  The North’s rhetoric intensified after the U.N. Security Council voted in March to slap tougher sanctions on the regime and amid U.S.-South Korean military drills in the region.

Additionally, CBS reported that“The movement of the missiles away from the launch site coincides with the end of U.S.-South Korea exercises and the beginning of the spring planting season in the North when much of the military goes back to the farm”

North Korea isn’t going to risk extinction by attacking the United States or Japan, or by launching a massive assault across the demilitarised zone into South Korea. The communist leadership in Pyongyang has long shown itself to be calculating and single-mindedly obsessed with its own self-preservation. It doesn’t intend to go the way of the former communist regimes of eastern europe and the former Soviet Union or, for that matter, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.”, writes Phillip Dorling.

Like many, this government celebrates itself as a “democratic peoples republic”, and claims to have the poor and hungry as their top priority.

Yet, despite there being a massive military budget and a rich ruling class, the peasants who are barely allowed to keep any of their own income are starving to the point of cannibalism.

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  1. Must have broken their sabre, I guess.

    Apparently the sidetrack is no longer necessary.

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