4 thoughts on “Northwest Montana- 37 degrees 5:17PM Central

    1. They’ve been less frequent here in se/pa. I wonder if they eased up a bit here because people being out of work and having time to sky gaze? It’s been a long time since I saw any lack of them like this. Not that they’re not so bold and arrogant to do anything in our faces. God’s paintbrush ain’t toxic!

      1. Yes, I’ve noticed a big drop in them as well during my travels. But not here in Montana this day and time.

        It makes me think they want to infect livestock as well. Lots of livestock out here.

  1. .
    My generation always grew up looking for signs. So, on a positive note…

    I see an angel in that first shot. Can’t help it, jus’ have to take it as a good omen.



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