10 thoughts on “Not a Good Day – I40 Eastbound J west of Oklahoma City 1:50PM

  1. The cops did show, they were holding back. No emergency fire crews arrived yet. This 5th wheel eventually would have burned up as well, I didnt stick around to find out. It was around 95 degrees outside at least. Didnt see occupants of truck anywhere.

    Just west of Oklahoma City, about 30 miles.

    Not a fun thing to see .

  2. What a drag
    I had a class A motor home go up in flames on me
    Pulling my pick up on a trailer

    It was too late for the coach by the time that little fire extinguisher gave out
    So I ran to the back and unchained my pick up truck
    And literally backed it off the trailer without the ramps very very quickly

    RV was done
    But at least I saved my daily driver
    The bummer of it all
    I just bought the RV, and was bringing it home
    No fire insurance coverage
    Fcked out of all I put in , watched it burn on the shoulder of I-75

    1. One of lifes little mishaps buddy, shit happens. Fkg dangerous out here man.

      I had a brake fire once, broken airline, pulled the bitch over, extinguished it. Was lucky, almost man, almost. 9 grand ..in trailer repairs. I was loaded with frozen.

      The asshole raped me… load got delivered.

        1. I’m posting another pic showing others there that checked that they were ok. I was worried too, but saw the cop and other vehicles there.

          1. First one didnt go through, should be up soon. Shows the cop and some gawkers just standing there.

          2. Ahh ok
            Hopefully everyone got out ok

            Nasty looking start to a vacation

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