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  1. After being up here where I am for almost 3 years now.

    The ranchers cattle come through here quite frequently.

    Now I don’t really care that they graze on my property for free.

    Because they cut down on the fire hazard by eating the grass.

    I just don’t like them gathering around my well partying …pooping …peeing and souring my water source.

    So after listening to bulls in heat in mating season for a few years now.

    I can mimic and make bulls in heat sounds.

    I make the sounds…
    Then all the cows look at me at the same time.

    Its friken hilarious.
    Especially when your fkd up.

    I know what they’re thinking. ..

    Let’s get the hell out of here…
    This bulls going to come down here and screw us.

    What’s really funny is if there are any bulls in the herd.

    They answer me back as their leaving.

    Saying…FU..we’re leaving.

    I’m going have to film it sometime.

    I would have to say…

    I’m the Dr. Doolittle of drunken mad bulls.

    1. And it’s all free entertainment, for you and the cows. I can imagine you out there, flee, messin with the cattle.

      Speaking of cattle, yesterday we went to the cattle auction again. I find it more interesting watching the old crusty, cattlemen bidding. Sat two seats to the left of one fella, been going to this particular auction 31 yrs. he says. We chatted a bit before the auction began, but as soon as first animals, goats, were let through the door, he became smooth in his demeanor, signals, and completely honed in on the cattle, knowing exactly what he was looking at when those cows were prodded to move about from side to side, and front to back. Many times out of the cattle he bid on, I didn’t realize he actually got the bid until I’d see him marking it on his card. These guys were laid back, and kept the same facial expression regardless of the outcome. Anyway, it’s definitely an education in people and cattle. I’m trying to get one of these fellas to answer my questions during the auction, but they will not be distracted, which I understand. Being able to decipher what the auctioneer is saying is half the battle for me, it’s actually getting easier though.

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