Now THIS is winter!



No matter where you live and no matter how much snow you have, this will make you glad you live where you are. This beats Eastern Canada, the U.S. Midwest and East.

Snow in Russia










4 thoughts on “Now THIS is winter!

  1. In upper NY State, I can not remember what year but we woke up to a drift of snow way over our front door. We opened the inside door facing the storm door and it was white way over the top. We couldn’t shovel a tunnel for we didn’t know how far it went from the house. Our front windows were also all white with snow the back was a little better but we were forced to stay in for there was no where to go. It took three to four days for the plows to get to everyone for there was so much snow they could not bank it but had to truck it away. We did have power that was lucky for we did have some strong winds..

    This is why Florida is paradise to me.

    1. Most pre-fab houses would be crushed under the weight of that much snow. I’m glad I live in a brick house with the lathe and plaster inner walls.

  2. I don’t even like our N. Texas winters but seeing these pictures make me appreciate living here where the winters are not so long and cold.

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