NRA News Video Exposes Cal-DOJ’s Firearm Confiscation Program For What It Truly Is


San Diego, CA –-( After the success of its first videorevealing some truths about the value of the California DOJ’s Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS) program, Ginny Simone and NRA News have released a follow-up video containing an extended interview with former DOJ Special Agent, Greg Cameron, who has nothing good to say about DOJ’s gun seizure program in which he himself participated.

As part of their efforts to justify increased firearm purchase fees and universal gun registration nationwide, California politicians are enhancing a program which identifies people who are prohibited from possessing firearms, ammunition, ammunition components, clips, magazines, and speed loaders, and send out teams of police to confiscate them.

If you are unsure of your status to possess firearms, take action! Police may be knocking on your door!

Attorney General Harris claims that the program goes after “violent felons” and people “determined by a court to be mentally ill.” Sounds great doesn’t it? Too bad the “system” doesn’t work that way, and Harris’ claims are not accurate. The first Ginny Simone video, which NRA News recently released, featured accounts from innocent victims of the APPS program, the informed critical opinions a former DOJ agent who actually took part in APPS sweeps, and firearm civil rights attorney, C.D. Michel. That video revealed the APPS program as at best ineffective or incidental at getting guns from violent criminals, and at worst a campaign of civil rights violations against unknowing accidental and harmless “criminals” mislabeled as crime fighting.

While the idea behind APPS program is good in theory – seeking to disarm the truly dangerous elements of society – the APPS program does not actually do this. Using recent tragedies to make APPS sound like something it is not, politicians have mischaracterized what APPS does, and have diverted millions of dollars from firearm purchasers (via the fees they are required to pay for background checks) to step up the gun confiscations.

In fact, as NRA’s important videos show, APPS suspects are overwhelmingly non-violent, good people who were unwittingly prohibited from firearm possession and typically don’t even know of their prohibited status or that they may be violating the law. And usually a little paperwork could get them their rights back! They are hardly the dangerous criminals or scofflaws politicians make them out to be.

There are ways to protect yourself and your fellow gun owners! First, watch the video. Second, the firearm rights attorneys at the law firm of Michel & Associates, PC have published a legal memorandum giving a breakdown of the APPS program and tips on how to handle any issues that may arise from it.

Confirm your status and learn your rights! Don’t take the rap for APPS!

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One thought on “NRA News Video Exposes Cal-DOJ’s Firearm Confiscation Program For What It Truly Is

  1. It’s never been about crime, just confiscation.

    Too bad the majority of cops don’t have this guy’s attitude. He says they do, but I don’t see it.

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