NSA: Most Hated Video On Youtube in Only 4 days

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Check out this interview with NSA director General Keith Alexander that the Department of Defense has posted on youtube. It’s safe to say it’s not liked at all by the youtubers out there. Especially with all of these recent scandals involving the NSA, the PRISM, scandal, spying on foreign citizens and officials. etc…  

– It’s a well known fact that the U.S. government is conducting intelligence gathering operations on a massive scale, spying on terrorists, leaders of allied nations and even their own citizens.

A much lesser known fact is that U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has an indescribably odd predisposition for publishing home videos on YouTube.

The DoD’s latest artistic endeavor has received an unusual amount of attention, likely due to its topical subject matter. In it, National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander discusses “Cybersecurity.” In terms of popularity, the video ranks somewhere between such DoD classics as the U.S. Navy’s 1973 animated cartoon about venereal disease and a 2008 video of a woman giving birth on livestream.

– Jessica L. Tozer sits down with NSA Director and CYCOM Commander General Keith Alexander to get the story straight about the National Security Agency’s most criticized foreign intelligence and cybersecurity programs.

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