3 thoughts on “NY business owner tears up $15K government fine on live TV

  1. Yeah, I saw the okay sign. For some people it’s still innocent. And I heard “14 amendment” erroneously thrown into The Bill of Rights. Ain’t this one more indication of how mixed up peoples’ understanding of liberty is. But I think he’s trying to stand against infringement. So many fine details to clear up. If I can find his address I will send one of Mary’s CD’s with Henry’s full coverage of Bill of Rights and Common Law.


  2. Yes wonderful this is all part of popular resistance building towards rebellion.

    It is only natural for generally good righteous folk to stand up.

    Even if the population hit the streets in the millions though; they just don’t give a shit.

    The tyranny will continue until we the people at large through it completely off without compromises or showing it that it has any legitimacy whatsoever.

    And that can’t be achieved through some peaceful method, if so would love to see how that will work.!

    To see all the tyrants and their enforcers walk away and throwaway their costumes and faux authority; in your dreams!

    Happy thanksgiving to all real Americans and us here at the trenches!

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