NYC man charged with hate crime for punching Asian-American woman 125 TIMES

Daily Mail

A black man who was charged with attempted murder as a hate crime after he was caught on video punching a 67-year-old Asian woman more than 125 times lived in the same building as the victim and has a lengthy rap sheet of 14 prior arrests – including seven felonies and three violent crimes.

Tammel Esco, 42, was arrested at the scene and taken to Westchester County Jail on Friday at around 6:15 p.m. after violently assaulting an older Asian woman, who lived in the same building as him, police confirmed to on Tuesday. He is being held without bail after attacking her and yelling racial slurs at her.

Esco has spent time in prison for assault and criminal sale of a controlled substance. He has also been arrested 14 times and currently holds seven felonies, including three violent crimes, Yonkers police said.

He also served time in prison from May 2011 to October 2013. His post-release supervision expired in 2018, according to state records.

The career criminal also pushed a woman through a salon’s glass window in February 2021. He was only given a conditional discharge and did not go to jail for the assault. He also served 42 months in prison for a 2010 stabbing.

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