NYC outdoor dining suspended ahead of nor’easter after ‘snow alert’ issued

Fox News

Outdoor dining will be suspended in the Big Apple beginning 2 p.m. Wednesday, as the Department of Sanitation issued a “snow alert” ahead of an impending winter storm that may dump more than 8 inches of the white stuff.

The Sanitation Department projected the outdoor dining closure would last until Thursday night — but warned it could be pushed back to Friday, depending on total snowfall and road conditions.

Restaurants will not be forced to dismantle their outdoor dining setups for this storm, the agency said.

But, eateries are required to put away all electrical heaters, urged to secure roadway tables and chairs, and encouraged to remove overhead coverings.

In addition to suspending outdoor dining to help with their snow clearing efforts, the Sanitation Department canceled alternate side parking for Wednesday and Thursday.

The temporary outdoor dining suspension comes two days after indoor dining was banned in the city.

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