23 thoughts on “O.K. you flower experts. What kind of flower is this?

  1. Look up Coreopsis.
    Hard to tell from such a distance without a size comparison. The one in the lower right looks like it anyway,

  2. Would be helpful to see the plant, too. Gaillardia or coreopsis would be my guess, but can’t really tell from this view.

  3. Here’s a long-shot guess from someone who is anything BUT a flower expert:

    I’m going to go with Black-eyed Susan cross-pollinated with a Marigold. The other guesses here are flowers I’ve never heard of, so one of them is probably right.

  4. O.K. you flower experts. What kind of flower is this? I Got It !!! It’s a green, yellow, and brown outdoor flower. What did I win? 🙂

  5. An orange/yellow flower with reddish/maroon towards the center!
    Sorry. It’s late and I’m being a smart ass.
    I know nothing about flowers so thanks for the info.

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