Oakland Police Department Urban Shield 2013 Protest Documentation

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The following documents were obtained via a public records request made by members of Occupy Oakland.  The documents concern the Oakland Police Department response to protests against the 2013 Urban Shield homeland security exercise held in Alameda County.  Urban Shield is an annual exercise event that features nearly fifty different training scenarios for law enforcement ranging from simulated terrorist attacks conducted by “homegrown extremists” to hostage situations, fires and even natural disasters.  

The 2013 Urban Shield exercise involved dozens of federal, state and local law enforcement organizations, representatives of foreign countries such as Switzerland, Brazil, Bahrain, Jordan, as well as more than a dozen corporations including FedEx, Cisco Systems and Verizon Wireless.  The documents are heavily redacted and include an operations plan, a presentation on Occupy Oakland, arrest reports and other miscellaneous documentation related to the protests.

OPD Urban Shield 2013 Documentation Part 1 93 pages Download
OPD Urban Shield 2013 Documentation Part 2
64 pages Download
(PDF 16MB)
OPD Urban Shield 2013 Documentation Part 3
104 pages Download
(PDF 6.2MB)
OPD Urban Shield 2013 Documentation Part 4
57 pages Download
(PDF 7.5MB)
OPD Urban Shield Documentation Parts 1-4
(ZIP 36.8MB)


8 thoughts on “Oakland Police Department Urban Shield 2013 Protest Documentation

  1. I especially like item “D”. Nothing but freedom and FOIA in action. I am disgusted with how disgusted I am with “law enforcement” and our standing regime. Living with a boot in our faces is not why we have established and worked so hard to achieve what we have previously fought for and rightfully ascertained. We deserve better because I believe we are all here on FTTWR because we actually give a SH&%. We have a common cause and it is not in a communist fashion that we choose to live in that is dictated to us by a dominant force but in a way in which we all have personal liberties as well as personal responsibilities to answer to should we violate basic codes of what is a reasonable expectation of what is to be a “human”. Rant done. Sorry. Shoveling snow today and tired of wading in BS

    1. Like NC said @ 10:49 pm, I rant a lot too Martist – probobly more than my fair share 🙄 . People have been more than patient with me.. Nothing like a good rant though Martist. No better way to get to know someone 😉

  2. There’s gonna’ be problems when the state has a monopoly on law enforcement.They’re gonna’ protect their boss,who is the state though you pay the higher monopolized bill for less security because there’s no competition.Face it,you can’t hit these state cops with more than paid vacation for gunning you down or beating you to death in cold blood.You ever notice how peace officers have devolved into law enforcers largely ’cause the state scared the shit out of everybody by imploding three buildings in New York and sending a missile through their own pentagon,murdering untold thousands in the process to justify endless war and oppression at home and abroad?

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