8 thoughts on “Video the Military Does NOT Want You To See – Drone Footage of IED Explosion

  1. Man, the youtube comment section for this video is either filled with trolls or dumbasses that need to perish during the first stages of collapse to make it easier to distinguish between real Americans and the brainwashed bootlickers they are.

    1. It seems they don’t understand what occupying or invading forces are? I guess as long as it’s amerika doing it, it must be ok. Seriously, some people. A real American would fight to the end to protect what is ours, not go to a foreign country to take by force what belongs to someone else because of a corrupt govt wanting to overfill its already overfilled coffers

  2. The state they believe in.The state who lies to them.The state who robs them of their wealth through taxation,of their knowledge through public education and msm,of their freedom through legislation and of their innocence and morality through unjustified imperialist wars of aggression.And in too many cases robs them of their very lives.If they woulda’ stayed home it wouldn’ta happened.Such is the legacy of the state and the fate of those who still believe,however blindly,that the state is them.

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