Obama Administration Tries to Stop Courts from Ruling on Constitutionality of Warrantless Spying

All Gov – by Noel Brinkerhoff

Even after months of stories exposing the breadth and depth of National Security Agency (NSA) spying on Americans’ communications, the Obama administration insists federal courts should stop hearing cases challenging the agency’s warrantless surveillance on grounds that they might expose the existence of this spying.

Last week, federal lawyers asked a judge, Jeffrey S. White, in Northern California to dismiss cases that could lead to a ruling on the constitutionality of warrantless surveillance programs authorized during the George W. Bush administration.  

The Obama administration contends the cases are just too dangerous to continue if they wind up jeopardizing state secrets.

“Disclosure of this still-classified information regarding the scope and operational details of N.S.A. intelligence activities implicated by plaintiffs’ allegations could be expected to cause extremely grave damage to the national security of the United States,” James Clapper Jr., director of national intelligence, wrote in one of the filings. In June, Clapper was exposed for having lied to Congress about the existence of programs that spied on Americans.

Cindy Cohn, legal director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is representing the plaintiffs in the cases, told The New York Times that the government’s assertion was “very troubling.”

She added that despite the revelations by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the administration was essentially saying, “We can’t say whether the American people have been spied on by their government.”

The lawsuits in question were brought by Carolyn Jewel and Virginia Shubert, who claim the NSA’s spying violated their constitutional rights.

Jewel is suing on behalf of all AT&T customers, and Shubert is suing on behalf of all Americans.

The NSA has refused to confirm or deny that either plaintiff’s communications were targeted.

“The American people know they’re being surveilled,” Cohn told The Washington Post. “The government is trying to reset the clock in order to avoid an open judicial determination about whether that surveillance is legal.”

-Noel Brinkerhoff


3 thoughts on “Obama Administration Tries to Stop Courts from Ruling on Constitutionality of Warrantless Spying

    1. I’ll second that idea too.Until that happens the decline and lies will continue unabated. Just look at what these treasonous assholes have gotten away with already because of the work within the system BS the sheep are fed. The system is totally corrupt and there will never be any real change as long as the broken system is employed for change and more and more people are starting to realize this.That why the police state has grown so large so fast and its only going to get worse till critical mass is reached,The only real question left is WHEN WILL THAT TIME COME. Pretending it cant happen does not negate the fact that it IS coming!

  1. I have a book from Kevin Shipp titled From the company of shadows. I had listened to him on an interview with the Hagmann’s. He is an ex CIA spy, andwhen he had found some shady stuff going on he tried to expose it. Well they don’t like exposure, they tried to kill him and his family. He said the key is the government always uses a little almost unknown thing called ”State Secret Privelages” to win their cases. He said if we could expose this and fight against that we would have a chance to win against the fed. He was in court battles with the CIA for years and lost because of this state secret privileges.

    I will do some research, maybe just maybe this could be a key in helping to fight these commies. They use everything against us. They have all the money and the best lawyers, but knowledge and information is all out there, you just have to learn it, then use it!!!

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