Obama Breaking Federal Law Hiring Mercenary Mercs in Burns Oregon Militia Harney County

Published on Feb 4, 2016 by Bravo Von Muller

There is a Federal Law on the books that prevents Obama from hiring Mercenaries and Mercs to invade Burns, Oregon. The Militia in Harney County may be up against a IMF Banking Cartel Mercenary force, there to protect the Million dollar Uranium deal that Hillary and Bill Clinton put together in some deep dark back room in Washington DC. UN Agenda 21 is the enemy in action on American soil !

6 thoughts on “Obama Breaking Federal Law Hiring Mercenary Mercs in Burns Oregon Militia Harney County

  1. At least the truth is told in reference to the uranium.
    My grandfather and great grandfather also fought in those union wars in West Virginia against the mercs and the low life mining industry, which brings me to the words of one of those heroes you mentioned, Ammon Bundy. “Our goal is to take back the public lands for the ranching INDUSTRY, the logging INDUSTRY, and the mining INDUSTRY.”
    I got news for you pal, the American free nationals in Oregon do not want uranium mines in our high desert, whether they are being put there by the ‘communist Hillary Clinton’ or the good ol’ boy fascist elitist ranchers, loggers, and miners.
    Why don’t you go do a little research on how these privately owned lands out there got into private hands? THE PEOPLE have been robbed of resource by elitist cliques since the inception of this state.
    The mercs need to go and the idea of poisoning eastern Oregon with open pit uranium mines with the intent to sell said uranium to our enemies, the Chinese, needs to go with them.
    You are not fooling anybody here, so give it up.

    1. Henry, I take it you are referring to the author/narrator of this video when you say “You are not fooling anybody here, so give it up.” as I stated in my email to you that I do not agree with all that I post. Everything that is happening in Burns and elsewhere in this country is of great concern to me as well it should be to any other true American. The current events in Oregon concern me even more due to the fact that I am purchasing land and plan to build just to the east of you in the spring. Either way I don’t see how I can go wrong moving out of Kommifornia. ( I am pretty sure that #1NWOHater would agree with me on the last statement here.) 🙂

      1. No better time than the present, Swifty. 😉

        Got an anniversary coming up next Monday – one year to the day since I moved here.


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