Obama Care Millions of Worker to be “Back-Fired” Right After Their Votes are Cast in the Mid-Terms?

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The Obamacare employee mandate that incurs financial penalties on businesses with more than 50 employees that fail to provide suitable health insurance will be delayed until after the 2014 mid-terms… to make sure voters still have their jobs on voting day?.

SO.. if you employ more than 50 workers, you won’t be nailed until after the mid-term elections now a key requirement under its health-care law is to be ‘delayed’, administration officials said.  

The decision will come in “regulatory guidance” to be issued later this week. It addresses vehement complaints from employer groups about the administrative burden of reporting requirements, though it may also affect coverage provided to some workers.

“Often described as a “train wreck,” Obamacare hasn’t even begun to fully kick in. But Obama is already backpedaling, now promising employers they won’t have to follow the law until 2015.

“This neatly puts the implementation beyond the 2014 mid-term elections, making sure voters still have their jobs on voting day.

“Because once the employer mandate really gets enforced, it’s going to mean millions of Americans losing their jobs all at the same time.

“Here’s the latest on this massive government boondoggle:
Obamacare_train_wreck -_employer_mandates


2 thoughts on “Obama Care Millions of Worker to be “Back-Fired” Right After Their Votes are Cast in the Mid-Terms?

  1. Obamacare is not healthcare in any way shape or form. It is about control in every sense of the word. We shall find this out in time.

    1. Yup. It’s also about another section of the corporate mafia, insurance companies, looting the remaining, rapidly diminishing wealth of middle America, enforced by federal and state government, as well as the Rothschild corporate looting arm registered in Puerto Rico and known as the IRS.

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