Obama Confirms Conspiracy to Oust Ron Paul from Primary in 2012

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Obama was secretly recorded during the 2012 election, saying that “the powers that be want it to be Romney…and it looks like that’s what it’s going to be.”

Referring to how Ron Paul was obviously robbed in Maine, Obama says “Look what they did up in Maine…They wanted Paul out of the picture quickly, and we all know what happened there.”  

And to confirm that he’s part of the “Powers That Be”, he says “I can’t say I blame them.”

“Well, it’s a moot point now anyhow. He’s done,” Obama said apparently referring to Ron Paul’s hopes after the GOP engaged in outright fraud to ensure a victory for Romney.

This short 38-second video clip speaks volumes about how manipulated the presidential elections are:


4 thoughts on “Obama Confirms Conspiracy to Oust Ron Paul from Primary in 2012

  1. If you are going to get into ANY political action/election then STOP PLAYING AROUIND. Treat the action like a WAR. Treat those in the system as enemy combatants/whores.(which is exactly what they are) If the LIBERTY minded people of this country are going to get into motion then you have to start working towards the 2014 and 2016 goals now. Show no kindness to your ENEMY. He will piss in your face and on your grave if you give the creature a chance. Liberty and 1775 is the answer. MGK/GDW!

    1. I saw a T-shirt for sale at a gun show today that said “Our Founding Fathers Would Already Be Shooting”.

  2. This short 38 second video clip shows no video and only audio that seems like it was pasted together using an audio program that can manipulate anyone’s words and use it for their purposes. I’m not saying Obama doesn’t think this. Hell, I know he thinks this. I’m just saying that this recording sounds too amateurish and manipulative to be real or accurate.

  3. No other event in our recent political history has demonstrated so thoroughly that we are ruled by only one party than the blackballing and railroading of Ron Paul. In spite of clear evidence that Paul could have coasted to a win over Obama, and that Romney was a likely loser even without the public hearing about evidence that should have gotten Romney arrested, the Republican Party bigwigs made a full-court-press to keep Paul off the ballot. If you haven’t seen this video http://youtu.be/o_WBo4sfmi4 it’s worth the time to learn the whole story.

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