Obama Declares Open War On Veterans, Closes VA Regional Offices

VA field guideFree Patriot – by Brandon Walker

October 8, 2013: If you are a veteran of the Armed Services, things are beginning to look rather ominous. First you are labeled a “terrorist” at the beginning of the year by Janet Napalitano.  Then you have Senator Feinstein (D CA) telling everyone that All Veterans are all mentally disabled and therefore should never own a fire arm.  You have a person many consider as a war traitor as the Secretary of State signing treaties you believe against the country you love. Then you get kicked out of all open air memorials and national parks because they are closed, even though the memorials are for your fallen brothers and sisters. Then you get the news that they are opening part of those areas for an illegal immigration rally to support immigration reform. And when you just think that you have seen the last of the attacks, the worst hits home. Obama declares war on the veterans in the VA healthcare system shutting down the VA regional Offices.  

No this is not a joke. on October 7, 2013, the same day President Obama releases the AMBER Alert Services from  Hostage, the Veterans Affairs Regional Offices are all told to shut their doors . When you go to the website, instead of the usual picture of the cheerful doctors and nurses that you usually see, you see the blue screen printed above. Clicking the play tab on that movie opens a two page PDF. The first page of the PDF is supposed to show what services will be available because of the shutdown. The second page is for services closed. You will be shocked at what the VA considers essential or not.

VA not Impacted

While they are claiming that Claims processing for compensation is currently open, we find that hard to believe. With veterans on our staff, we can assure you with 100% confidence that the VA claims go from the National VA office to the VA regional office to be processed. With no VA regional office to process the file as they are all closed, by their own admission, then this would be impossible. They do have a list of numbers you can call and have kept the crisis hotlines open for emergency counseling.

VA suspended

Notice on the first section they told you claims processing was open, and again they tell you here it will be open as long as there is funding. How far are they behind on the processing on claims? They were literally 3 1/2 or more years behind earlier this month. We do appreciate the VA’s partial honesty in admitting that all no decisions on appeals will be made and no motions renderedduring a prolonged shutdown and that all are suspended for now. It is also interesting that they admit to reduction in what they will pay out for a deceased veteran’s burial.

What is disturbing is when you get to looking at the phone numbers that are shut down for the VA services. The big two that stick out the most are Consumer Affairs and the Inspector General’s Office, the ones that handle customer service complaints, inspect medical malpractice, find lost paperwork that was lost by the VA regional office, those types of things. We know that wouldn’t be considered an essential function would it?  Also is the removal of any way to contact the special health issue number or reach anyone on that. Therefore if you just found out about legislation ofHR411 For Toxic Exposure at Ft McClellan, AL, and wanted to know the signs and symptoms if you were dying from chemical exposure, guess what, the number is no longer in service.

Here is the story on MSNBC news on Monday, October 7:

Brandon Walker

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2 thoughts on “Obama Declares Open War On Veterans, Closes VA Regional Offices

  1. Obama closed the Vets building in Nebraska today..Time too stand for your rights your right to protect your rights or lose them..

  2. My Fellow Americans,.. Patriots:

    What,.. is ANYONE surprised by this????

    If they are,.. then they are as deranged as the pyschos in Washington,.. and in the rest of the gov’t.

    As Ann Barnhardt said in her latest interview,…”Its official,… the US gov’t has been overthrown…”

    What part of that do people NOT get???

    What of, “overthrown” do people not comprhend???

    Thats it.

    Its time for us to pony up to the truth,.. and fix it,.. or forever enjoy our cowardice.

    Take your pick,,, as you WILL chose one by conscious decision,.. or by default,.. but you WILL pick one.

    I choose the path of courage, fighting, and getting rid of the traitors, pyschopaths and sociopaths that have brought the Former USA to ruin.

    JD – US Marines – The fight is upon us….

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