Obama has a Plan

First Published 11-12-10

Well it seems that the top 2% earners are going to get their extension of the Bush tax cuts.  According to the mainstream propagandists this is what the American people want more than anything.   Oh yes, and we also want more tax cuts for businesses.  Thank God that the filthy rich are not going to have to be tightening their belts around their size 55 waists.

Isn’t it funny how the dominant issue went from jobs, jobs, jobs, to tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts overnight?  But then this is a funny country we are living in today.  Of course all these tax cuts will have to be paid for.  So who is going to have to cough up the cash?  Well to begin with, if you still own a car you are going to get to pay 15 cents more per gallon for your gasoline.  That is on top of the $4.00 per gallon you will be paying as a result of rising oil prices.

Let’s see, where else can we find some money; well those old people are rolling in the dough, let’s get them.  President Obama’s crack team of economists is proposing raising the retirement age from 66 to 68. But that’s alright those lazy old people, should have to work longer.

The average life expectancy for men in America is 72 years.  If you went to work at age 18 and worked until you were 68, you would have paid into Social Security for 50 years.   On the average you pay $3,600 per year and your employer, as a subsidy to your wage pays $3,600 per year.  Over 50 years this adds up to $360,000 paid into your Social Security account.  If you make the average life span for a man, over the four years before your death, at the maximum benefit level you will collect $112,608.  That leaves $247,392 left in your social security account that you never touched.  Of course you have to allow for spouses and dependent children.  But then again, we have not figured in interest or the true value of the dollar you paid in 50 years ago as compared with the dollar you draw today.  The bottom line is someone has to be stealing the Social Security money hand over fist, and evidently it is not enough for them.   This is an outrage.

There are also talks of cutting defense spending.  This will never happen as the same people who forced the extension of the Bush tax cuts will stop any cuts in defense spending.  There was also mention of cutting foreign aid.  Considering the amount of bribe money from foreign countries during our recent election, I doubt any such cuts will occur.  This scenario shows the undisputed power of the international corporate mafia in shaping policies and making laws in our country.

The only mention I have heard of the 99ers has been via two short blips on Fox News.  Both seemed to be trying to goad us into rioting.  This country is on a fast track to destruction.  I believe the only unemployment extension we are going to see is for those who have exhausted their benefits at 26 weeks.  Tier 5 is not even a vague thought in the backs of our so called representatives’ minds.

I was amazed to hear Glenn Beck predicting a complete collapse of our economy and advising his listeners to store food.  I do not trust Glenn Beck as far as I can throw this house I’m sitting in, but yesterday he spoke the truth.  In fact, every economist I hear speak is predicting doom and gloom.  But don’t worry, Obama has a plan.  God help us.

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