Welcome to the Jungle

First Published 11-11-10

Students in London are rioting in response to their government’s plans to double and in some cases triple the cost of tuition.  They stormed the building that houses the conservative branch of their government.  On top of the tuition hike their government is planning on raising taxes and cutting 40% of their spending.  That sounds kind of familiar.

Nearly every propagandist who reported on the riots asserted the possibility that we would see the same sort of riots here when the new congress cuts spending and entitlement programs.  England is a neo-socialist society which is to say that their government is as a nanny to them in ordering their lives from the cradle to the grave.  They are also unarmed.

I believe the international corporate mafia wants riots in our streets and are pushing our so called representatives, which they own lock, stock, and barrel, to take actions that, considering the current economic situation, we are bound to resist.  Further they are directing the media they own to suggest that rioting is the course of action that Americans would naturally take.

We need to take a totally different approach.  When we march we will do so peaceably and will take it upon ourselves to deal with any anarchists who might want to try to make it otherwise.  Instead of protesting against cuts in spending and tax hikes, we will protest for them.  The only difference will be that we will demand that the monies to be retrieved must come from the corporate thieves and not those who have already been robbed blind.

Our signs must be like those carried by the members of the Tea Party who marched on Washington D.C. in 2009.  They must say, “We come in peace….this time, but if we have to come back it will be with our militias and our guns.”  Our signs must also point out every extravagance of our government, like the party Nancy Pelosi is getting ready to throw, at the taxpayers’ expense, to celebrate the accomplishments of the 111th Congress.

And what are those accomplishments?  Bailouts and stimulus; blatant, wasteful spending which accomplished nothing more than fattening the wallets of the corporate thieves who are the true problem when it comes to things that need to be cut.

The number of federal workers making $150,000 per year doubled since 2009.  I believe that these are the people that think they are going to get us to riot when their jobs are cut.  Personally I will not lift one finger to assist any federal worker who loses his or her job, as they are nothing more than a pack of hogs with their faces buried in the trough.

Not to mention, not a one of them gives a damn as to what is happening and what has been happening to we 99ers.  I’m sure they look at a Tier 5 unemployment extension as a loss of a raise or benefit they might acquire in the next year.  Maybe when they have lost everything they own and lived without money for six months, we might consider allowing them to join our ranks if they are willing to go on point and take the first volley in the face.  Otherwise, all I have to say to any federal worker who loses his or her job is, welcome to the jungle.

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