Obama, NSA, and the Rise of Statism

Olive Bio Diesel

Under the Obama National Security Agency, the rise of journalistic Statism is reminiscent of Stalinism. Journalists have 3 choices: 1) Write only what pleases the Obama NSA, 2) Stop writing entirely, or 3) prepare to be persecuted via 24/7/365 e-surveillance, e-harassment (including electrical surges destroying your TV and computer), possible prison sentences contrived and concocted and physical organized stalking. Those who write the truths are infected with Morgellons, poisoned with Campylobacter jejune, have their cars, careers, home life and health care sabotaged.  

The small leap for the state from state-controlled media to persecution of independent not-state-owned journalists is so massive a leap of rights infringement for the population that many do not and never will see what has happened. So we shall attempt to explore what has happened. There are only 4-5 media companies that own all books, newspapers, TV stations, news blogs, news podcasts, etc. Lots of wires and wireless – content all state-approved.

There was a point in time that new web pages going up were measured in new pages per second. Now the number of web pages being erased via NSA – DNS erasures is thousands of web pages or sites per day. If the DNS is not messed with, than the web host company takes the site or pages down – because it conflicts with the state. Examples are 9/11 truth, conspiracy sites/pages and sites criticizing government or multinationals… Plainly the Internet is shrinking and the loss is truth – only the state-approved Blue Pill Matrix is allowed in America Brave New World Internet.

Censorship is not new, it dates back to the invention of writing itself. Hiro Hito, Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin all had censored “news”. Spain’s Franco had one of the most austere, brutal and censored governments imaginable – and from 2001 to the present, the U.S. Patriot Act AUMF and NDAA 1021 and 1022 **behaviorisms** are the closest the U.S. has ever been to the Stalin and Franco regimes. Obama’s rules and the thugs who enforce those rules are a growing statist regime.

The Bush administration used 9/11 to undermine the rights of the American people and make George W. a “strong leader”, something he initially was not. The Obama administration has used Syria, Iran and ISIS as three Trojan Horses to undermine the American people. Obama was not, is not and never will be a Teddy or Franklin Roosevelt or an Abraham Lincoln… …So instead he gives speech after speech about the non-existent “freedom and democracy” his administration is robbing from the American people. His speech punctuates the words: terror, freedom, ISIS, Iran, Syria, this nation and “exceptional American”.

Expansionist Presidencies are not new but some of the past Expansionist Presidencies were used to create jobs and end financial depressions via the New Deal. Obama’s “new deal” is being used to erase anything Obama and his cronies do not like on the Internet, on Facebook, Twitter or on YouTube. Some Americans refer to his handy work on web censorship as Joogle and Joo Tube, the 3% Yiddish flexing its muscle in front of a 96% Christian nation. Is it any wonder the 3% now in charge of 90-97% of the Internet is the same 3% entity that gave Obama his campaign money?

The so-called “alternative news” is reading more and more like Reuters or Fox News Cable TV. Is it any wonder that the DARPA-Net is increasingly becoming a brainwash tool to the US/Israeli Government? There are many who criticized the George W. Bush Administration, but to their credit most of the Scooter Libby/9-11 Truth jabs were not erased and obscured from alternative news. Criticisms of Hillary, Barrack, the handling of Syria, etc. are routinely erased and the authors of the material routinely made into Targeted Individuals. The Obama cabinet circa 2012-2014 operated as the web version of Joseph Goebbels.

When one poke Reuters in the eye metaphorically for their death-grip censorship of non-Reuters material one is automatically labeled “anti-Semitic”. There is a flip side to that coin… …Are Reuters, Obama, and Hillary et al anti-Christian? Does the Internet monopoly/censorship crowd have something against Christian Journalists? Rob Kall, are you anti-Christian? Do you hate Christian writers? Before Its News, is there a reason you back-page Christian writers? Is there valid reason Jewish writers are not infected with Morgellons, but Christian writers frequently are? Is the “new” new deal statist censorship and Statism writers blacklists? This is the “new” millennium McCarthyism.

The Democratic Party has taken on an adversarial role to Christianity and to free speech in America. The Democratic party is Anti Christian and pro-Hollywood values. There has never been a better time to re-register as Republican, Green or Independent Party. Many life-long Democrats are leaving because of the Pro-Jew, Anti-Christian rhetoric of the Hollywood Democrats and their Internet-Goebbel’s Web-Page burning…

Both the current war on writers as well as the war on Churches and Christians may seem like an old story. The difference is the dynamic of the Internet, where one looses free speech globally after being blacklisted locally in the U.S. The Obama administration has turned the entire world wide web into a giant virtual Trojan Horse. Television is one giant statist trojan horse filled with state drivel. The TV drivel bleeds into the Internet via websites like Huffington, Opednews, etc., with an anti-Christian, yiddish-Hollywood slant to so-called “news”… 96% of American’s are Christian and 96% of the news is pro-Mossad.


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