Poker Face plays Knobb Creek Saturday

It is that bi-annual time of the year, when the leaves start to turn their brilliant colors, and give all of us a brilliant visual send off into winter.

Knob Creeks Machine Gun Shoot is hosted by Kenny Sumner and Family. Many across America have come to know this family thru their Country Music Television show called GUNTUCKY. If you havent seen it, its a hoot and a holler.  

The Machine Gun Shoot is VERY FAMILY FRIENDLY. Since we first started playing at it right before the turn of the 21st century, it has gone from an almost completely male only event into family oriented event in recent years.

It is a SAFE, well run, good time event that you wont find anywhere else in America. Come for the guns a blazing, or go to one of the many ranges where you can rent all sorts of fully automatic rifles to shoot down range. Come experience the pole barn flea market that has something of everything that you could possibly ever need in regards to guns, bullets, clothing, bullet proof vest, jerky etc…

Then stay for the night shoots. they are a spectacle to see.

Poker Face plays throughout the day and night on Saturday. If you come to camp, look us up by the abandoned firetruck in the camping area. We usually have a kick ass fire going, and many a times you might catch a poker face unplugged set going on, till we pass out from being tired,

We love to meet our many friends and fans the Friday night of the shoot. So if you have any plans on coming, think about camping out with us.

Published on Oct 9, 2014 by Libertytree Tv

October 10 , 11, and 12th
Pokerface Plays all day Saterday
Tons of fun , if you can go see what its like to be perfectly safe around HUNDREDS of people with full auto weapons

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