17 thoughts on “Obama Pics

  1. Good thing she is done having her period 😆 . Imagine that bitter look she has all of the time when she was on the rag. No wonder billy boy two timed on her.

    1. The shape of her head looks like an alien from “Coneheads” All she needs is an evil queen’s robe. Just look at her. “Take me to your leader so I can vaporize him”.

    2. hahaha digger…. bad boy….. that’s so funny. what a grotesque excuse for a human being she is. gotta be a lesbo. don’t ya think?? whew!!!

      1. Some say, “I wouldn’t touch that woman with a ten foot pole”.

        I say, “I wouldn’t touch that woman with a fifty foot pole”.

        She’s a hardcore, beacon of evil.

        1. Aww…c’mon NC…you KNOW she’s got marks all over her where guys have been pushing her away with ten foot poles.

      2. Geeze Paul, I hope that I can sleep tonight without having nightmares. Ya know that if she had black hair that she would kind of look a lot like that north korean ruler that that basketball player visits all the time. I cannot think of his name but she would be a dead ringer if she had black hair. 😈 😆

    1. Ah yes I guess Paul. That Kim Jong-Un`s face is a lot flatter than a pig face though. Ha, I better stop with that rubber lipped fish head. 😛 😉

  2. All jokes aside. I am truly saddened by the mind of america, this once great land laid to waste with no future but the current kind! For shame.

  3. The one thing that you can be sure of is the next one will continue the destruction of this country just like the last one and the one before and the one before and the one before.To think that you are really electing anything but the next POS to continue the decline is to admit insanity! Till this country is physically taken back the tyranny is going to continue with the usual lip service that goes with it.

    1. …yep…corruption all around….going to take an awful lot of people power..and men in positions of responsibility to stop the implosion… …IMHO….

      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

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