Obama Wants More Money for UN Even Though US Pays 22% of UN Budget

Say-NO-to-the-UNLast Resistance – by Dave Jolly

If you asked me to list the top five enemies of the United States, my list might surprise you.  Number 1 on my list is Barack HUSSEIN Obama because he is doing so much to destroy everything America has ever stood for.

Number two on my list is the United Nations!

The United Nations’ agenda is to form a one-world government and totally usurp everything America stands for.  The United Nations wants to redistribute the wealth on a much large scale than Obama.  The United Nations wants to ban all private ownership of firearms of any type, which would put an end to all hunting, creating a nightmare imbalance to wildlife of all sorts.  

The UN also supports the freedom of youth as young as 10 years of age to engage in sex, prostitution (which they want to legalize) without parental knowledge or concern.  The UN makes Planned Parenthood look conservative when it comes to women’s rights.

Did you know that the United States pays around 22% of the total operating budget of the United Nations?  We are only 1 of 193 member nations yet we are paying nearly a quarter of the cost of this socialistic anti-American and anti-Christians organization.

With that in mind, you should know that President Obama has asked for more money for the UN and international peacekeeping missions.  This year’s fiscal budget for the UN and other peacekeeping organizations is $3.031 billion.  Obama has asked Congress to increase that to $4.036 billion for 2015.  That’s a 25% increase in spending of money that we don’t have.

Former Col. and US Rep. Allen West reported:

“According to Heritage Foundation scholar Brett Schaefer, President Clinton in 1994 signed a law setting a 25 percent cap on U.S. contributions for U.N. peacekeeping, which at the time were running at around 30 percent. ‘The U.S. should resume pressure on the U.N. to lower the U.S. peacekeeping assessment to 25 percent by refusing to pay more than this amount and tying payment of any resulting arrears to adoption by the U.N. of a maximum peacekeeping assessment of 25 percent,’ Schaefer wrote in a recent brief.”

“The Obama administration has made engagement with the U.N. a high priority in its foreign policy, and the budget justification underscores this. ‘The [Obama] administration is committed to robust multilateral engagement and to promoting U.S. leadership in international organizations as a means of advancing U.S. national security interests and values,’ it says. As it has done for the past two years, the administration is asking Congress to waive legislative provisions making it unlawful for the U.S. to fund U.N. agencies that admit ‘Palestine.’”

West addressed Obama’s request for more money, stating:

“Two things in that statement should cause concern. First is that the United States should not be looking to international organizations in order to advance US national security interests and values. Many of the 193 member nations of the UN have values inconsistent with those of our Constitutional Republic. It seems we won’t just “lead from behind” but actually defer our actions to this collective body.”

“Secondly, the Obama administration is requesting Congress allow it to support UN agencies that recognize and admit “Palestine” into the body. Palestine is a region, like Appalachia, not a definitive country. It does not have an indigenous culture, currency, or language. If any ethnic group should have their own country, it should be the Kurds. With such an action, Obama administration would undermine Israel and support the establishment and recognition of Palestine, regardless of the security ramifications for Israel.”

“When the U.N. Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2011 became the first U.N. body to recognize ‘Palestine,’ the Obama administration reluctantly cut the funding and UNESCO lost 22 percent of its operating budget. This time, the administration has not included a funding request for UNESCO, but the fiscal year 2015 request includes ‘conditional transfer authority should the waiver be enacted.’ ‘The ability to make such contributions is essential to advancing U.S. interests worldwide and strengthening U.S. global leadership, influence, and credibility,’ says the Obama administration.”

“And how do US taxpayer funds to UNESCO advance our interests and strengthen our global leadership, influence, and credibility? Folks, just follow the money, and you’ll see where President Obama and his globalist progressive socialists align their priorities.”

I would like to add by asking the question, ‘If Obama is bringing more US troops home from the Middle East, then why do we need a 25% increase in international peacekeeping efforts?’  From the sounds of it, he wants to pump more US dollars to the support of a Palestinian state that has repeatedly described that United States as a mortal enemy that should be destroyed.

I’ve advocated for years that the United States should evict the United Nations and cut all funding from them.  We should no longer be part of any of their peacekeeping efforts nor should we ever entertain any of their socialistic international policies like the Small Arms Treaty and others.  We could save billions of dollars and the lives of thousands of our military personnel. We could use that money and our troops to secure our borders and put a stop to the influx of illegal aliens.

Congress needs to tell Obama NO on his request for more money for the UN.  We need to take care of our house before trying to rearrange someone else’s house.
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  1. Obummer WANTS? Obummer wants a lot of things.

    One thing I’d bet he DOESN’T want is that rope waiting for him.

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