Obama Won’t Bow to Israel? Yeah, Right.

So has the plan been all along for a production designed to give Obama another four years?  We are seeing propaganda being put forth showing Obama as snubbing Israeli and in particular Netanyahu.  On Neil Cavuto yesterday, he had Democratic Leader New York State Assemblyman, Dov Hikind, parroting the lie that Iran has said they are going to wipe Israel off the map.  What Mahmoud Ahmadinejad actually said was that we will see Zionism disappear into the pages of history.

Neil Cavuto knows this fact, yet being the factual reporter he is, he gave his assent to this lie through his silence.  The Israeli-American dual citizen, Dov Hikind, clad in his yarmulke, went on to throw a little tizzy fit over Obama’s perceived snub to all the Israeli people, bringing up the 67 year old assertion of a holocaust in the process.

You know it is amazing how these Zionist Jews can call six million alleged deaths a holocaust while the 60 million slaughtered as the result of the Bolshevik Revolution seems missing in world history.  By the way, Hikind, it was indeed Jewish Rabbis that ran the gulags where the real mass murder was committed.

Hikind next decried insult in that Obama would refer to anyone other than Israel as a friend in the Middle East.  He sounded like a little child as he sniveled, “The President has no time to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, but he has time to do everything else.  It seems that Prime Minister Netanyahu is not as interesting as Whoopi Goldberg or some of the other people the President enjoys meeting with.  This is very hurtful.  And as a Democrat, this president is failing America, he is failing our friends.  And I am saying to my fellow Americans, Democrats, Republicans, please wake up.  This is serious business.”

Then Cavuto, with a very serious look on his face said, “Maybe you should speak to your fellow Jewish voters, right?  Because by the margin of 7 out of 10 they invariably back this president.

Hikind then went on to suggest that Israeli-Americans might just vote Obama out of office.  And this is where the sleight of hand comes in.  Jews in America only make up 1.7% of our entire population.  If the vote counted, which it does not, the Jewish voting bloc would be so minute as to be laughable.  But, like I said, it is all an illusion.

The majority of Americans have figured Zionism out.  Now when Obama is reelected and a false flag is carried out here at home and blamed on Iran precipitating a US attack, the proposed perception is supposed to be, “Well the Zionists in our government sure didn’t have anything to do with it.  Heck, Obama doesn’t even like the Israelis.”

No sale, propagandists.  Listen closely.  The answer for your proposed attack on Iran is “No” and as for Hikind lecturing we the people on our obligations to the Israeli Zionists, well I guess separation of church and state only applies to Christians in the United States.

Tell you what, Dov Hikind, if your allegiance to Israel is so absolute how about you just suit up and arm up and go fight your own damn war.  OY!

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “Obama Won’t Bow to Israel? Yeah, Right.

  1. Time to reclaim the constitution and elect good men to office. That would transform the lives of all for peace, prosperity, freedom and moral values.

    The zionists hate us for our freedoms, yet they claim it is the muslim people that hate us for our freedoms. Look at how they twist their evil agenda of hate.

    The zionist hate peace, it is their philosophy to promote constant fear. Look at their law of retribution ‘an eye for an eye’ and yet they themselves are above this law, they either are or they pay the lawyers, the media propaganda machine and the counter intelligence to terrorize the people.

    The zionist seek prosperity only for them selves by becoming the non productive that legislate and dictate to the productive of society and they corruptly control the immoral issue of our currency as debt to them and the equal immoral charge of usury as their dues.

    As for zionist promoting freedom, look at the promotion of thousands of fascist laws, surveillance, drones, policing, homeland insecurity, courts, unconstitutional wars.

    As for moral values, go figure what these occult worshipping scum promote!

    The zionist corporate republican party or the zionist corporate democratic party, Obama or Romney they are two sides of the same coin. Who do you think owns the coin?

  2. What got OBamapissed at the Israelies–recall his wife is 100% black and her brother is a black Rabii and Obama himself is 50% black.?
    Now, having the stupid Israelies building a massive concentration camp to pen all the blacks in Israel and most are JEWISH. Also remember Lybia–the Rebals rounding up the blacks and hanging them. Today–all the Blacks have left Lybia. I’ll bet Mrs. Obama is pounding the shitout of her husband each nite–wake up you Israel tool.
    Another thing that Obama has considered–the Killings of the Embassey staff–was done by Israel MOSSAD operations–planned long time ago–to embarrass him just before the election. Good thing he did NOT take the bait and did not send 100s of thousands of a military invasion force. What took so long for Obama to realize he was a groomed as a sap to take the USAPres role to please only AmericanJews? Has anyone noticed if any chosen ones have lost their jobs or lost their homes due to the recession?

  3. Take over the mainstream media communications!! Broadcast the truth!! Occupy CNN, NBC, FOXNEWS, ABC, CBS, etc. END THE ZIONIST MIND MANIPULATION AND BROADCAST THE TRUTH!!!! The rest will fall in place with the people.

  4. Time to put Israel on the back burner. Let’s face it, they have been at the core of all of Americas problems for over 70 years. I’m tired of my money helping these people while my country suffers. Dog eat dog time.

  5. “It seems that Prime Minister Netanyahu is not as interesting as Whoopi Goldberg or some of the other people the President enjoys meeting with.”

    Last time I checked, Whoopi wasn’t out to kill (eventually) every last non- so-called ‘Jew’ on the planet.


    1. I think Whoopi was even one of those people along with Mel Gibson and Benicio Del Toro and others who adamantly refused to advocate any more wars. So she ain’t gonna help Obama in any way shape or form even if they both have the same skin pigment.

  6. Obama doesn’t want to attack Iran until “after” he gets re-selected. Bibi needs the attack “before” he doesn’t get re-selected. A simple conflict of interest.

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