Obama’s Fed Govt Is Doing THIS To Every Medal Winner In Rio

The Political Insider – by Kosar

Millions of Americans are tuning in to watch our nation’s young athletes break world records and win Olympic gold in Rio.

The incredible athletes have been amazing, and have made us proud. They have trained for a lifetime, and have become the best.  

The U.S. Olympic Committee gives $25,000 to every athlete who wins the gold medal (Silver medalists earn $15,000 and bronze medalists earn $10,000). But now, President Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will require those athletes to pay more than 1/3rd of their earnings in taxes!

Famous swimmer Michael Phelps, for example, has won three gold medals and will earn $75,000. But he will be forced to pay at least $29,000 in taxes to the IRS.

This is called the “victory tax” which has bi-partisan opposition in Congress. However, a bill is yet to be passed to stop this outrageous tax on our athletes.

As Senator John Thune (R-SD) explained:

“We should extend a warm welcome and congratulations – not a tax bill – to our Olympic and Paralympic champions when they return to the United States,” said Thune. “These Olympians, who often become role models for younger athletes across the country, dedicate years of their life and own money representing the United States on the world stage. The least we can do in return for these athletes’ commitment and patriotism is to allow them to keep what they’ve earned during the Olympic Games.”

“Our Olympian and Paralympic medalists should be worried about breaking world records, not breaking the bank, when they earn a medal,” said Schumer. “After a successful and hard fought victory, it’s just not right for the United States to welcome these athletes home with a victory tax. I’m hopeful that this bill will earn strong bipartisan support and quickly become law.”

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9 thoughts on “Obama’s Fed Govt Is Doing THIS To Every Medal Winner In Rio

  1. Although I must admit to not giving a crap about the Olympics or feeling proud of “my” athletes (why should I be proud of what someone else has accomplished?), it’s undeniably cheesy of the government to tax Olympians like that. Hell, it’s pathetic.

    This is another sad commentary on the type of government we have. Next they’ll want to tax the air we breathe.

    1. “Next they’ll want to tax the air we breathe.”

      Not the air itself, BMF, but the chemtrails THEY added to it.

      Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, either.


  2. Typical of the organized crime syndicate known as the IRS. Forcefully taking what they did not work for, earn or deserve. Too many damn taxes in the USSA!
    And after all the money they steal from others hard work, still no budget and trillions of dollars in debt. I bet the King monkey is hiding more banana’s then he says he has, along with the rest of his minions in DC.

  3. They’ve been doing this since 2000, it’s pathetic. It’s just as bad as taxing your bonus check at a job.

    Sick government. You work hard and do your best for yourself and your country and they whip you and steal everything you have.

  4. I don’t really think it’s Barry’s doing. It’s more like the Zionists doing. Barry’s just a puppet/scapegoat to blame in this case.

    And by the way, a bill is not going to get passed because the economy is bankrupt, the people have no money and so these bastards are trying to find ANY way to grab money from them to fund their illegal, war-mongering and Satanic activities.

  5. The American athletes, upon returning home and met by ANY politician, should tell that person to bugger off, using the most impolite language possible. They should do it in front of cameras and the press. So, instead of the politician getting to share the limelight, they get insulted in full public view. They should use their fame, at every opportunity , to insult this criminal government. But, I do not limit this to just the returning athletes. I would encourage all returning veterans, who come home, to form and train a militia.

  6. They have done this forever not sure what the fuss is about it. Having said that, i ave never thought they should pay taxes i guess, they represent the country, sue they are going to make millions but thats not the point. They give everybody else free money let them keep it.

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