Obama’s Retirement Plan “MYRA”: “Equality of IRA’s for All” Reminds me of propaganda before Obamacare. “Equality of Healthcare for All”

Sherrie Questioning All

Obama introduced MYRA – a new IRA for those who don’t have one.

I believe I will just call it “Obamaretire” (two fold meaning)

OH… Wait… where have I heard that before….. hmmm….. let me think back…… it is coming to me…….

OH Right….. Healthcare for All in equality!!!  

Obama said “Everyone has a right to Health Care and Insurance”.  Then the insurance was Nationalized and we know how well that has gone.

So what is MSM doing?  They are writing about Obama’s introduced MYRA.

Business Insider “Can’t wait to hear more about it.”

Forbes wrote one article about it, saying that IRA’s are a mess and are all over the place.  They all need to be made uniform, one standard.

The problem isn’t that Americans don’t have enough ways to save for retirement — they have too many. Look at the alphabet soup of plans from 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s to Roth IRAs. Why not consolidate them and make the tax breaks uniform through credits? Make a universal plan with low fees accessible to everyone — regardless of where they work. It’s not only a way to address inequality, it will improve retirement security for everyone.

Will people be able to put two and two together?

Will people really want the U.S. government to control their IRA?

Do people really feel the government would be good stewards of their retirement money?

Do people have their eyes open and see how the government handles everything and how well they have handled Obamacare?

Imagine the millions of people getting letters from their IRA 401K financial advisers saying that the government was now making them all uniform and they are all going into bonds.

The rhetoric is exactly the type that was being thrown around before the passing of Obamacare.  “Equality health care for all.” Now  “Equality of retirement plans for all”

Slate says Obama is going to use an ‘Executive Order’ to pass MYRA – details will be released today

One of the most intriguing ideas in the State of the Union was Obama’s promise to use executive action to create a new middle-class savings vehicle that he calls a “myRA” (a pun, get it). The speech didn’t really make it clear what this looks like exactly, and I have to say the White House’s policy briefing sheet didn’t either


Don’t cha love the MYRA name?  Since Obama has named it…. and it includes MY – does that mean he feels everyone’s IRA is his to be done at his will?

I believe in our FREEDOM and Our RIGHTS to handle our own money!  Please Protect yourself from this government plan to control your money through your retirement plan!

I will say this once again, Perpetual Assets allows you FREEDOM of your money.  Just find out what it is about and have FULL CONTROL of your own money!

Yes I am Promoting them because I believe in it, Very Strongly!  Take action to control your own money before the government takes their action!


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Retirement Plan “MYRA”: “Equality of IRA’s for All” Reminds me of propaganda before Obamacare. “Equality of Healthcare for All”

  1. Well I didn’t have health insurance, I don’t want it and I won’t get it, I don’t have any retirement accounts, I figure I will work until I die!!!

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