Occupy Everywhere Today

Today marks the two month anniversary of the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street protests.  Occupy protests will be held throughout our country and indeed around the world today.  Considering the corporate elite ordered attempts to shut down the protests for the Christmas season, every person who is able should be out on the streets today.  The corporate elite have flexed their money muscles, now it is time for us to flex our numbers.

I was amazed to see that every town in Oregon wherein I know somebody had a protest planned within fifty miles.  I will be marching on Wall Street and Esplanade in Klamath Falls, Oregon this afternoon and I am taking some people with me.  There is no excuse for anyone not doing something today.

If you absolutely cannot get to one of the protests, spend the day on the net going to site after site and pushing the cause of Ron Paul for President, or End the Fed, or Reinstate our Republic under our Constitution, or End the Foreign Wars, or Stop Foreign Aid, or Stop Shipping our Jobs and Natural Resources Overseas.  Everything is something and every one of us is the somebody who can stop the destruction of our country.

The mainstream propagandists are working overtime at trying to redefine the movement to benefit their bosses’ political agendas.  All protesters interviewed should begin all comments with the statement, “I speak for myself as an individual.”

To the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York who did not tune in to The Word From the Trenches yesterday.  There are alternatives to tents and sleeping bags:  insulated underwear, khaki pants with leg pockets, khaki shirts with breast pockets, Gortex coveralls, bibs, and parkas, solid fuel hand warmers, wool hunting socks, insulated snow gloves, pack snow boots, and full face masks.  If you dress in this attire and put a hand warmer in each leg pocket and breast pocket and then put a hand warmer on the toe of each boot with a rubber band, you can sleep on the ground, down to zero degrees, in comfort.  Then we can see if Mayor Bloomberg wants to outlaw these items through his executive dictates.

Mayor Bloomberg is an international communist elitist and the protesters being held in jail that were arrested while the restraining order was in effect are falsely imprisoned.  They should have been released immediately and I do not understand why none of the money donated to the cause is being used to free them and file lawsuits for the false arrests.

Those of you who were not arrested, your people are cut off and they are counting on you.  Take your march to the jail and demand their release.  People will be slow to stand together if they feel they will be abandoned when the chips are down.

We need more Ron Paul for President signs.  Dr. Paul is our only chance to avert a full blown bloody revolution.  The time is upon us.  Do not waver.

Send pictures and videos of your town’s protests to henryshivley@fromthetrenchesworldreport.com and we will post them.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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