Lawless Actions of New York Mayor Bloomberg Sanctioned by Corporate Elitist Judge Stallman

At 1:00 am EST Tuesday morning, New York Police attacked the Occupy Wall Street protesters at Zuccotti Park, acting on orders from Mayor Bloomberg.  The protesters were removed from the park and the police set up a perimeter.  The protesters’ possessions were removed.

At 6:30 am New York Supreme Court Judge Lucy Billings issued a restraining order against the owners of the park, the police, and Mayor Bloomberg, ordering the parties to cease and desist and allow the protesters back into the park with their tents and sleeping bags.

The order was ignored and the police held the park.  Mayor Bloomberg stated that our Constitution, though it allows freedom of speech, does not allow tents and sleeping bags as a part of that freedom of speech.

The hearing on the restraining order scheduled for 11:00 am was postponed.  Judge Billings was removed as presiding judge and replaced with Judge Stallman, who at 1:50 pm dismissed Judge Billings’ restraining order, enforcing ex post facto ordinances designed to end the protests and deny the protesters their 1st Amendment rights.

These actions should have come as no surprise to any of us, as Mayor Bloomberg was just doing his part as a participant in the national move to end the protests before the Christmas shopping begins.  If Mayor Bloomberg as the Mayor of New York City is allowed to define constitutional law and implement his will, then everything I have said about the law in the United States is proven as fact.

American people of the American race, you of the 99% have been dispossessed, disenfranchised, and made civilly dead through the purchased corruption of your government by the 1%, who are intent on your enslavement.  And of course Judge Stallman declared Mayor Bloomberg’s actions to be legal as Judge Stallman is the 1%.  Our entire judicial system has been taken over by the corporate elite.  They own our courts, lock, stock, and barrel.  And to expect anything but corporate power to be reflected in those courts is naive.

The courts are one of the main things that we are going to have to correct before we ever know freedom again.  Right here where I live, if you call the number for the Circuit Court, the automated response that you hear on the phone says, “For the company directory, press one.”  The fact is our courts have been effectively taken over by the corporations for more than fifteen years now.

In short, the only law is that there is no law, only corporate dictate being carried out through corporate actors, acting under color of law.  Notice how quickly an injunction can be put into place to stop the will of the people of Alabama in enacting immigration laws.  Every ruling you see or hear has been sanctioned by the corporate elite or it would not exist.  These same corporate elite believe the 99% to be their property to be disposed of in any manner they choose.

Our founding fathers told us quite clearly that when the government suspends our Constitution and begins violating our rights, hence our laws, it is up to us to become the enforcement mechanism.  We need to arrest our government as it is the only path left for us as the government has become rogue and no longer reflects the will of we the people.

We outnumber these bastards a thousand to one.  The only thing standing in our way is our own reluctance.  I tell you now; keep backing up and they will keep pushing.  With the nationwide crackdown on the Occupy protests the elite have shown that they have no compunction in using force.  Like it or not, the only way to defeat force is with force.  We can keep singing Kumbaya and letting them beat on us or we can stand up like our founding fathers did and take this country back.

In the end know we are going to have to fight because our enemies are hell bent on our total destruction and our deaths.

And you police out there who defied the lawful order handed down by Judge Billings, you are traitors of the highest order and you will answer for your crimes.

You of the 99% know this; it is a fact that those protesters arrested for trying to get into Zuccotti Park while the restraining order was in effect were acting within the law while the police who arrested them were operating outside the law.  And most important of all, know that it doesn’t matter one goddamn bit because Mayor Bloomberg, the owner of Zuccotti Park, and the New York Police force are going to get away with violating the law because the law is not for them, it is for you.  They are the aristocratic elite and you are the peasants and the only way this is going to change is through confrontation.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The picture of the judge reminds me of Gollum from the “Lord of the Rings” series. It really should be a surprise to no one that laws are conveniently circumvented and when they cannot be, they are simply ignored and protected by those who faithfully serve the 1%. Everyone better get ready because the GOP nomination is not far off, and that will pretty much make or break any chance at a non-violent resolution.

  2. The following was posted on

    “From Those Inside Of Central Booking
    Posted Nov. 16, 2011, 5:24 pm EST by OccupyWallSt

    While we’ve been imprisoned here we’ve held Assemblies and MicChecked corrections officers to attend to urgent medical conditions, some of which were the result of police brutality during the raid. There is no food except for bread, no cleanliness, no hygiene, no waters, no showers. There are non-occupiers who are suffering as well.

    We do not know what we have been charged with.

    We want freedom!

    This message was condensed by a group of occupiers imprisoned by Billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his private army, and was relayed to members of the Legal Working Group of #ows.”

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