Oh No! Super Snow Storm Nemo!

weathermanSo we are now naming snow storms, just like we do hurricanes and tropical storms.  Super Snow Storm Nemo dropped up to three feet of snow on parts of the northeast.  States of emergencies, evacuations, and road closures…what a crock of shit.  Now that there is an identification label for each storm, I guess we will have a flood of applications for federal assistance every time a flake of snow hits the ground.

The weather used to be something we talked about when we had run out of words and boredom had set in.  Now the winter Gulf Stream is being dramatized and analyzed ad nauseum, using words like, “epic” and “catastrophic”.  This whole dramatization of the weather is not but a tactic being used to redistribute more wealth from the rest of the country to the communist controlled east coast. 

Here where I live a dump of four feet of snow overnight is a common occurrence.  We shovel what we must out of our way and then wait.  The next thing you know, almost as if by magic, the sun comes out and the snow goes away.

Our four seasons which have been with us since the earth cooled, are now being portrayed as climate change.  Climate change?  No frickin duh.  I can sit and look at my outdoor thermometer and watch the climate change literally from one minute to the next.  And you know what?  In another month or two, I predict it is going to drastically change again, when spring rolls around.  And then in another couple of months it is going to be like living in a whole other world as another catastrophic change occurs with the coming of summer.

Climate change has to be the stupidest assertion put forth to accommodate further control that I have ever seen.  These charlatans will tell you that the weather is “unprecedented” and that “nothing like this has ever been seen before”.  Well here is a little eye opener for you.  Did you know that if you go north it will get colder and if you go south it will get warmer?  I guess you could say a person can create climate change just be moving either north or south.

Climate change, give me a break.  No, I guess that is not the idea as the idea here is for this climate change to give us yet more taxes.  Here is a thought.  Admittedly the government can manipulate, hence change the climate with HAARP.  So is this good climate change or bad climate change?  Or maybe we could just get philosophical and say that climate change is in the eye of the beholder and admit that no matter what the climate, there is always going to be somebody bitching that they are too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry.

You know I’ll bet they will discover someday that the sun has something to do with climate change.  And maybe the way this planet keeps tilting (hope it doesn’t fall over) could possibly also have something to do with it.

Hard to say, maybe we better just err on the side of caution and institute the carbon tax, which can be paid to the United Nations to be used to further control the people of the world who evidently are causing this climate change, or at least the perception thereof through allowing themselves to be lulled into a conversation that expounds the ideology that says people can manipulate the weather simply by breathing.

Kind of makes you feel powerful, doesn’t it?  It sure does me, as I have actually tested the theory and proven it true.  I just held my breath and watched my digital thermometer rise by one/tenth of a degree as a result.  But wait a minute.  That is backwards.  Less carbon dioxide should mean cooler weather.  But wait, that is not right.  That would be global cooling, which would be caused by…global warming?  Ah hell, I’m completely confused now.  Just send me my tax bill and leave me alone.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

22 thoughts on “Oh No! Super Snow Storm Nemo!

  1. Hahaha, here is another twist for climate changs Henry. I kind of think that with all of the border jumpers coming over to north america and all of the people coming over from china, korea, and them other parts of our world are coming to america that they are causing the earth to get top heavy with all of the weight of these foriegners coming over. LOL What do ya think. Just a goffy thought guys. LOL.

    1. On the contrary, Dan, a very astute observation. At minimum they have to be causing the wobble that is producing the ice cold temperatures that are presently freezing my ass off. 🙂

      1. Hahaha yea you are right Henry. It has got to be that wobble effect, lol. Boy oh boy Henry – I can tell that us guys here in west central Wi. are going to get some goofy weather here in the next few days – the old bones are really feelin` it again.

          1. Yup rhumstruck, I just brought in some wood from the wood pile and my car has a good 1/2 of solid hard ice on it and we got a storm warning through monday morning.

    1. Yep, and just think, he’s rumored to make a Presidential run in 2016. Hopefully, the Republic will be restored long before then!

  2. Thanks for the laughs. It is a religion, you know? Global warming now morphed into climate change, because it’s not getting warmer. The problem is many who were suckered into the cult cannot now admit they were suckered.

    When I was growing up in the middle USA my friends and I loved deep snowfalls not only because it was beautiful and fun, but we could make some dollars shoveling people’s driveways and sidewalks. Have things changed?

    1. Didn’t you get the memo? DHS says carrying a shovel after a snowstorm is strictly prohibited to FEMA workers and DHS approved companies/entities.
      Fines and jail times will be triple what they give for selling lemonade without a permit.
      Depending on the shovel and the actions of the handler, you may have a ‘terrorist act’ pinned to the charges.
      (yes..sarcasm..but how far from the truth?)

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  3. Now Henry, you should know that naming these “super storms” helps them to better track the results of their HAARP experiment, right? As for more taxes, I think we need to trade taxes for axes and start lopping off the heads of those who seek to enslave humanity, like oh say the New World Order, International Bankers, etc. “Global warming”, “climate change”, it’s always been a tub of hogwash, anyone stupid enough to believe in any of it will purchase stock in the Brooklyn Bridge. The only “change” I see coming by Spring is the collapse of the dollar.

    1. well Sunfire – atleast they are not nameing these storms after women any more so it seems – atleast I have never heard of any women that were named Nemo lol……… By the way Sunfire – hope your new job is working for you. I think it was you who started their new job this weekend. Kind of off subject but I had to ask Sunfire.

      1. I actually missed orientation because of the snow storm, so I am rescheduled to start on February 23rd. Thanks for the kind words and well wishes!

  4. Oh no…..don’t expose this silliness…… I can’t find a job so I’m applying for a government grant to study the effects of global warming on snowstorms, and I need that grant money to pay my bar tab.

    Let the public think that every snowflake represents a threat to their lives because a lot of jobs depend on it.

    I called the national guard this morning to tell ’em we have three inches of life-threatening snow on the ground here. Hopefully they can restore order.

    1. The Guard haven’t shoveled out yet!
      Arm yourselves! You are on your own.

      We have about 8″ and now we have freezing rain! we’re all in danger!

      1. Naw, how about Michelle, or them other Obama daughters, Or haha how about Feinstein lol. Geeze something just that they all should all be named after politicions.

  5. The global warming is fierce this year. Could someone page AlGore on his unicorn fart powered eco-friendly jet to come and save us?

  6. The funniest (and most ludicrous) explanation I’ve ever heard to explain ‘global warming’ was proposed by some moron (can’t remember his name, who cares?) a few years ago, that it was cow flatulence causing it.

    Shouldn’t we be banning cows, that being the case?

    1. The government is doing a good job of getting rid of the flatulence producing cows as it is. The manufactured drought has forced many to market and thousands of cows are being shipped to Russia to restore their depleted herds.

  7. “Here where I live a dump of four feet of snow overnight is a common occurrence. We shovel what we must out of our way and then wait. The next thing you know, almost as if by magic, the sun comes out and the snow goes away.”

    ROLMFAO!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Aww….man…I miss those snow days in Buffalo, NY. Lake effect snow galore! I was just telling my wife how I spent 2 hours shoveling only the back half of my car out of 4 feet of snow the one time. My driveway was narrow and between two houses. So just picture this big 4-5ft wall of snow on the front half of my car and the back half of my car just looked like it crashed through a white wall or a snow tsunami was going to roll over it. When I took it out, there was this big indentation of the front of my car in the wall of snow. It was great.

    Then another time, I drove for 3-4 hours getting home when the roads were banned and cars were abandoned in the middle of the road and slush and high snow mounds were everywhere. The trip would normally take me only 25-30 minutes. Anyways, I drove all the way home, in and out of obstacles for 3-4 hours on BALD TIRES without getting stuck, but when I finally made it to my house, I got stuck right near my driveway. Hahaha! Man, those were the days. Now I’m in Texas and don’t see too many of those if any. lol

    Anyways, back then, those storms were normal. Now they are the “OMG!! UNPRECEDENTED!!! END OF THE WORLD!!!! SEND IN FEMA!!!” kinda storms as if we never were able to survive anything like that before. Anything for the elite to find ways of gaining more control over the people. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” Rahm Emanuel.

    By the way, in those storms I told you about above. We were stuck for 7 days before plows could come through and before it officially stopped snowing enough for people to start returning to normal. There was at least one big snow storm a year and it always happened in January or February. In conclusion, we ALL survived, we ALL helped our neighbors and became independent by ourselves when inside and around our homes and we ALL most certainly DID NOT need FEMA nor did the thought of any FEMA like entity ever enter into our minds. Lastly, we absolutely did not get any sensationalism from the MSM over it like they do today nor did we need to. So what is going on today with the MSM is nothing short of more fear propaganda and using that as an excuse for more government control for Obama and the elite.

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