4 thoughts on “Registering for Confiscation

  1. To the “african” and all his tribe member handlers YOU ARE REQUIRED BY LAW TO REMOVE ANY AND ALL INFRINGEMENTS ON THE FIREARMS OF ALL PEOPLES OF THESE uNITED states OF america.
    Steve Apple

  2. Proper answer to this request…

    yuk foo! Come get’em if ya want’em so bad!

    ANY law/act/order/etc. that has to do with an American citizen to own/carry/register a firearm is ILLEGAL. ANY law…..Period.

    But even deeper than that, is the fact that it is unreasonably inhuman for ANY restrictions(other than MANDATORY stiff sentencing for irresponsibility or otherwise.) for just about any human on the planet to keep a firearm in their possession at all times. It is a matter of human nature to defend your life when it is in danger. And there’s not a person on the planet(that isn’t fully brainwashed) that can say that human life is not in danger. Only ones that can, and do try to fake that, are the ones pulling the strings(tptb) or the puppets brainwashed by them.
    You’re not going to get rid of (or register)all the guns made and bought and possessed already…the only reasonable option, on human instinct and moral right, is to defend your lives against whatever, with the most effective reasonable means necessary this period in time…THAT is the firearm at this point!
    Your NOT taking my most effective means to defend the very lives of me and my family, and some others. Your not going to regulate when and where I take it, and you’re not going to get me to tell you which guns I have and don’t have by registering them to your corrupt system. I’m NOT going to risk my life, and the lives of my family and loved ones. It is at that point.
    I didn’t want it this way, but that’s the way it is. I’ll be as responsible and non-violent as I have to be….but if I have to get violent, rest-assured it will be as precise and responsible as I am able to muster…maybe until death, which is ok..because I’m fighting for the right reason, and know in my heart it is a reason to lay down my life for if I have to. I’m not going to lay that life down by conforming to the corrupt and the inhuman atrocities that threaten my life directly…not by submission. No fkn way.

    For the record….this ‘gun-control’ and ‘registration’ and all that…is nothing more than a ptb distraction.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  3. America will cease to be free if we as American Gun owners submit to this BS of National Gun Registration, we must Never put our gaurd down, Obama a sneaky, kniving, wicked, and evil, demon from the pit of hell. We cannot trust him. When Obama gave the nod to Hillary to negotiate, then to have Rice to sign the UN Resolution L.11 (Small Arms Agreement).This agreement will give the UN the authorization to supersede our 2nd Amendment, (they think) they will then start their consfication. They will first give the Governor’s of each state the opprotunity to remove the guns from their own citizens first, if they deny to agree to remove them from their citizens, the UN will then remove them from the list of the International Gun Register by confiscating them with the help of UN Forces. Will you be ready?

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