Ohio Cop Indicted on Murder Charge in Traffic-Stop Shooting

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A University of Cincinnati officer who shot a motorist during a traffic stop over a missing front license plate has been indicted on murder charges, a prosecutor said Wednesday, adding that the officer “purposely killed him” and “should never have been a police officer.”

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced the grand jury indictment at a news conference to discuss developments in the investigation into the July 19 shooting of 43-year-old motorist Samuel DuBose by Officer Ray Tensing.  

Authorities have said Tensing spotted a car driven by DuBose and missing the front license plate, which is required by Ohio law. They say Tensing stopped the car and a struggle ensued after DuBose refused to provide a driver’s license and get out of the car.

Tensing has said he was dragged by the car and forced to shoot at DuBose. He fired one shot, striking DuBose in the head.

But Deters dismissed Tensing’s claim that he was dragged by the car and suggested that he shouldn’t have pulled DuBose over to begin with.

“He fell backward after he shot (DuBose) in the head,” Deters said, adding that it was a “chicken crap” traffic stop.

A warrant was issued for Tensing’s arrest. Deters said Tensing could either turn himself in or officers could arrest him.

Tensing’s attorney, Stewart Mathews, didn’t immediately return phone messages seeking comment after Deters’ announcement.

Mathews said earlier Wednesday that he thought an indictment was likely “given the political climate” and comments made by city officials. But Mathews said given the evidence he’s seen, he doesn’t believe there should be an indictment.

DuBose’s death comes amid months of national scrutiny of police dealings with African-Americans, especially those killed by officers. DuBose was black. Tensing is white. Authorities haven’t indicated whether race was a part of the investigation.

Body-camera video of the shooting was also released Wednesday. DuBose’s family had been pressing for its release, and news organizations including The Associated Press had sued Deters to get it released under Ohio open records law, but Deters released it before any ruling had been made.

Deters called the shooting “senseless” and “asinine.”

“He purposely killed him,” Deters said. “He should never have been a police officer.”

The prosecutor also said he thought it was time to reconsider the UC police department’s role.

“I don’t think a university should be in the policing business,” Deters said.

A message for comment was left Wednesday with the police department. The university said earlier this week it plans an independent review of its police department’s policies.

The UC officer made the traffic stop near the university’s main campus, and UC police have said the intersection was within the campus police’s jurisdiction.

The University of Cincinnati on Wednesday closed its main campus in anticipation of grand jury action in the case.

Mark O’Mara, attorney for DuBose’s family, called for a “peaceful and nonaggressive” response from the community after the officer’s indictment. O’Mara said the family wanted a peaceful reaction because “Sam was a peaceful person.”

Tensing has more than five years of experience in law enforcement and has worked as a University of Cincinnati police officer since April 2014, said Jason Goodrich, UC police chief. His annual performance review this April noted that he was extremely strong in the traffic area and maintains control of his weapons and of “situations he is involved in.”

Tensing formerly worked as an officer in the small Cincinnati suburban village of Greenhills.

Deters said when he saw the video of the shooting, he was shocked.

“I feel so sorry for this family and what they lost,” Deters said. “And I feel sorry for the community, too.”

If convicted, Tensing could face up to life in prison.


Associated Press writer Dan Sewell in Cincinnati contributed to this report.


13 thoughts on “Ohio Cop Indicted on Murder Charge in Traffic-Stop Shooting

  1. indicted is one thing, convicted is yet another ..time will show us if they are serious or not ..and not that it really matters if they hang this cop out to rightfully dry , the next gestapo cop will continue the beatings, and murders

    1. Heh, heh, heh,… 🙂

      Hey, Angel! Just happened to catch it on the Yahoo homepage when I was getting back to my mail. 😉

  2. They needed a sacrificial pig, They can feel the temperature on the street about to boil over. This pigs fate isn’t gonna stop it…either way….

  3. “chicken crap” stop? Most, if not all, police stops are bullshit. I just love his reaction afterward: “I’m good.” Yeah, I bet you do feel good you pig, gestapo bastard! The man was unarmed! The cop already had his license plate! There was no reason to try and pull him out of the vehicle! I don’t blame the guy one damn bit for wanting to escape from could potentially be a police beat-down, even death!

  4. I am going to ask you again, ” why are you, a black man driving a car on a Sunday afternoon with an un opened bottle of gin and no front license plate on your vehicle?” I envoke Capitol punishment on you, cuz I was trained by some pussy’s in Israel.

  5. If he made any sudden movement, the officer may have assumed he was reaching for a weapon. That justifies use of lethal force. That’s how the real world works. Maybe not in magic hippie stoner land, but that’s how real life works.

    1. Trihalo, what are you saying? are you saying that any sudden move is reason to be blown away? My friend John Perrin was blown away for making a so called sudden move! cops are not Judge,Jury and Executioner.

    2. If he WAS reaching for a weapon, it would have been with damn good reason. The pigs are slaughtering Americans at the rate of 3 per day, WITH LITTLE OR NO REPERCUSSIONS! That man had as much right (MORE, actually) to fear for and protect his OWN life than that MURDERING SCUMBAG PIG!!! That pig is nothing more than an errand boy for the NWO. His job is to protect THEIR interests, NOT yours & mine.

      Once the SHTF, these lowlife scum are getting double-tapped.

      btw, it’s never a good call to defend pigs on this site for ANY reason. They are the enemy.

    3. Years ago, as a good “citizen”, I produced without question a CCW permit amd handed my weapon to a sp pig. He then unhinged his thumb retainer on his holster and ordered me in a threatened manner to put my hands on the back of my my car after having been the jackass to offer such compliance in a polite way. 52 in a 35 was the reason for the stop. May you learn from others before you are taught by some. This is why we. Are. Here! If not, natural selection will run it’s course and you will be gunned downed by a trigger happy pig. Want more stories? I got a million more and I am white. I went to school for law and psychology. That’s why I am neither because they’re both BS.

  6. Just another example of pre-mature ejaculation. These F’N cops walk around these days with a “woody” on just lookin’ to stick it where it don’t belong to begin with. The Police Academy instructors are Israeli trained assassins, in charge of our “well being”. “We demand that you be safe or we will come and make you safer!” “Your papers, please!”

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