Oklahoma State Senator Proposes Law to End Anchor Baby Policy

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Current American policy grants automatic birthright citizenship to babies born to illegal alien mothers. It’s been the practice for decades.

A female illegal alien can cross the border, give birth five minutes later, and her child is an American citizen for life.

The term “anchor baby” refers to the fact that such babies are “anchored” into the United States, can’t be deported, and their status makes it harder to deport their illegal alien parents.

This policy is well-known in Mexico and elsewhere. It serves as a magnet to attract illegal immigrants.

Crossing the U.S. border in the desert or via the river is dangerous for a pregnant woman, and some die in the attempt. So the policy encourages reckless behavior.

The policy turns over part of our citizenship law to foreign lawbreakers. We’ve lost control over who can become a citizen.

Thanks to the Biden Border Invasion, it’s likely that the quantity of anchor babies being born is even higher than before. The demographic effects could be significant.

When Donald Trump was a candidate for president he spoke about the policy, but as president he didn’t do anything about it

How could the anchor baby policy be ended?

Congress could pass a law declaring that children of illegal aliens are not citizens.

Or a president could issue an executive order.

Either of those strategies would be challenged in the courts. It might even make it to the Supreme Court.

What if a state made a law prohibiting the anchor baby policy?

There’s a proposal to do just that in the state of Oklahoma.

On January 10, 2022, Senator Nathan Dahm of the Oklahoma Legislature filed what would be a historic bill if it could pass.

Dahm’s Senate Bill 1226 would prohibit babies born to illegal aliens from being granted citizenship in the state of Oklahoma.

According to Senator Dahm, “Birthright citizenship was never the intent of the 14th Amendment.”

Supporters of automatic birthright citizenship justify it with the 14th Amendment. But Dahm is right, it was not the intent of that amendment.

The senator continues: “We remain one of the last western civilized nations that grants citizenship to anchor babies.”

No European country practices automatic birthright citizenship as we do. Japan, South Korea, and Israel don’t. The U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand abolished it.

Among First World nations, only the United States and our northern neighbor Canada practice automatic birthright citizenship.

Dahm says: “We should not be rewarding people with the rights of citizenship when they’ve broken our laws.”

It’s actually the parents, not the babies, who have broken our laws. But those babies are citizens of their parents’ countries, where they should be returned along with the parents. Don’t split up families – deport the family together!

Dahm also rejects amnesty: “I continue to oppose any form of amnesty. You have plenty of choices if you want a Republican to support the dreams of foreign kids over Oklahomans, but I’ll put the people and children of Oklahoma and America first.”

How would Dahm’s proposal work?

According to the press release, “The bill requires each birth certificate for a child born in Oklahoma include the citizenship of the parents. If neither of the parents are citizens of the United States, the child will not be granted U.S. or Oklahoma citizenship.”

So this would apply not only to children of illegal aliens, but to children of legal immigrants (Green Card holders, for example) who are legal residents but not American citizens.

More from Senator Dahm: “We can no longer afford allowing spineless Republicans to reward these lawbreaking foreigners whether on behalf of big business or in an effort to compromise with the left by selling out our country. We must secure our border and eliminate birthright citizenship.”

Changing the anchor baby policy would be difficult and very controversial.

However, any federal or state proposal to end current policy can get the issue on the front burner and into the public eye. Many people, when they understand the policy, oppose it.

Informing and influencing citizens and politicians can create momentum to end the policy.

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  1. Anchor babies are terrible, they don’t weigh nearly enough to keep your boat from drifting. But don’t give up trying.

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