On Finding Supplies and Gear

The following is a response to a great guy lamenting the cost of, and the searching for supplies and gear.

“…..Quality gear is expensive, and yet, to duplicate it is even more of a challenge…….”

Not if you know where to look! “grasshopper” …… And knowing what you need, and how to buy it, is an art. Besides, what do you think I’ve been doing all these 25 plus years? Building reports with venders and power buying, when I could. Why do you think I go to all the gun shows that I can? One NEVER knows what will turn up at one, and the potential.  

Just recently I was able to secure a once in a life time purchase of current production .223 at below wholesale prices…..just because I was at the right place, at the right time. You price it …$100.00 per thousand rounds of sealed, from the manufacturer, in containers of current production.

Why did they sell it ????? Who knows, Who cares ……One must be diligent….with eyes wide open. But most of all, one must go ….

Just like the dudes who comb yard sales for treasures that no one knows they have ….You see it all the time on the Antique Road Show. Items that we’re looking for is just the same. All my gear is first rate and proven military grade material. When that “slide fire” gimmick came out, I bought one as an investment. For I figured;

1. That it would soon be banned, and become highly sought after … commanding a high price. ….or …..

2.  I would sit on it for a short time and turn it for a trade on some great gear.

I ended up doing the later… And the gear I ended up with was far more in value than the “slide fire” was worth initially… The dude wanted it, but had no money, so I traded him.

He got what he wanted. And I made out like a bandit, with all new gear.

Why did he do it? Well, I figure that since mine was a new in the box first edition, it was more desirable and harder to find …. anyway, he wanted it ..and we both won.

Don’t look at things in “black and white” …look beyond, and down the road. When all falls apart, and it is, Monica and I will be sitting real pretty. We might not have the fancy jobs, or the other trappings that folks of this world desire. And make priority in their lives ….. But still the same, we’ll be doing better than they ever will, with all their worldly junk, by the grace of God.

As time marches on, things will become more obvious, even to those who’re victims of the “Ostrich” syndrome, as they begin to panic and search for what’s not going to be found, We’ll be safe and sound. Off the beaten path, out of the panic crowds, in the back ground of all the melee.

Riding the storm out …………That is, unless Our Lord removes the Church first. Either way, the two of us will just be spectators of the “Coming Events”.  The general public, even now, senses something is terribly wrong. Not only with our Republic, but the world as a whole. When they turn to panic buying …well, remember what happened just recently with ammo?   And .22s? Better get what you need while you can, NOW! You know this … Son, you’ve got the good income to do it, so do it! I was able to acquire what I’ve have, over time … Where you can do much quicker due to your income level. If you chose to act NOW!

God has given each of us responsibilities, and they come in the form of our loved ones as well. And part of that responsibility is to Protect them … You know this too. But to protect them from ALL eventualities. That means, and includes, that which is about to take place in the, very near, days ahead.

Happy Purchasing!


3 thoughts on “On Finding Supplies and Gear

  1. good read paraclete.

    I decided not to throw money at my ar-15 build. instead I decided to get the parts I want at 40% or more off. So everyday I spend a few minuets popping in on my shopping carts to see if the price has been reduced.

    Score. I just got a collapsing butstock and buffer tube kit for less than half what they were retail all because it was memorial day week. Its nice when your willing to pay $175 but can find it for $89. I figure there are SO MANY ar-15 parts out there and most people will just buy the whole gun as is off the rack. then they put on the fancy bells and super whistles like forgrips and sights. Leaving all the BCG’s and gas blocks for me to get at next to nothing.

    At my shop iv done a few trades too. I can get rid of a higher end model ($800-$2400) that most people wont pay for by trading it for a bunch(6) of lesser models that most people wouldnt think twice about spending $200-400 on. I get more cash in less time and I dont end up having too much money wrapped up in a piece for 2 years before that rich guy who doesnt already have the best walks in.

    1. Good Score !
      Keep it up …
      Always check the clearance bins and
      specials too, on the sites you visit.
      Like the guns shows, you never know
      what you’ll find there.
      I owe all I’ve been able to learn to Mark.
      From the Intelligence Report.
      God has placed the right man at the
      right place, at the right time ……
      Just like He did with George Washington !

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