Concert for Diggerdan

danTrenchers, we are having a concert for Diggerdan.  A tribute, if you will, where we can have all the songs in one place that remind us of Dan or how we feel.  They will all be in one place, and we can just sit back and listen to some good music, uninterrupted.

It doesn’t matter if they have been posted before, go ahead and add them to the concert.

Just post them in the comment section.  [If you paste the url of the YouTube video it will appear as a video]    


Here is a start:

105 thoughts on “Concert for Diggerdan

    1. It’s going to take me a bit to go through these many wonderful videos that are posted in Diggerdan’s memory. This one “Danny Boy” by Eric Clapton is a beautiful tribute to Digger, thanks Angel NYC!

    2. Interesting that the video is no longer available in my above post but is still openly available on youtube.
      Sad that so many of the wonderful songs that we posted are no longer available. If I had titles, I could probably replace them.

      1. It was his favorite pastime.

        I can’t believe I didn’t think of “Don’t Bogart That Joint”. From my era (“Easy Rider”). Joe did, though.

    1. O.K., I give up. I tried almost a dozen different ones, and not one of them put up the video, just the links.

      Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here – studio version

      1. Yep, I’m having problems posting songs too #1.
        I’ll try again tomorrow or later. My best to you guys

        1. That song has been running through my brain, since I was told about Dan’s passing (2 weeks ago today). I kept hearing, and still hear, Dan telling me “No woman, no cry…”

      1. I remember when Dan posted this one. Seems like it was not long before Dan left us all. I just wanted to say that I couldn’t wait to share this video that Dan posted with my husband. We always got a good laugh out of Cheech and Chong way back in the ’70s. What a fun little cartoon video this one is! 🙂

        1. I saw them live on stage up in Canada back in ’71.

          My stomach hurt all the next day from laughing so hard. 😆

          1. #1 that’s really funny and I’m glad that you saw these guys way back when. Must have been something else to see their live performance!

  1. I didn’t know Digger Dan but from the things he wrote in some of his replies we had a lot of the same views. My heart hurts for his loved ones as if I had lost a friend, God bless him and his loved ones. Hope to see you on the other side one day Digger Dan. RIP

    1. Yep Angel, one of the songs I was going to post……. Thank you! <3
      I'm going to go try again, fingers crossed it works 🙂 TY!!!!!

      1. It is!
        No I didn’t know you had it on CD, there is another one I want to post if I can find.
        I really love all their music to be honest, beautiful! 🙂

        1. LOL There was a period after “It’s Christian, you know.”

          I know you wouldn’t know I have it on cd. 🙄 😆

          ‘Night, RT. Bedtime.


    I posted this on April 5, 2014. Dan made a musing inquiry as to why I would post a Donovan song:

    My only regret is that I did not seize the opportunity to know Dan better (I would have loved to party with him). I’m glad to finally see a picture of the man called diggerdan… but it still cannot sufficiently define this man’s outstanding character. He shall truly always be missed.

  3. Digger’s sign off, in his emails, was always “Your Trusting and Loyal Friend”.
    Miss you Dan. Miss hearing your voice on the phone, your emails, and your comments in the Trenches. I still hear your voice commenting on stories posted in the Trenches. LOL 🙂 This song is from one Trusting and Loyal Friend to the other. RIP You will always be with us.

    1. A nice and appropriate selection, Angel. 1973 was also the best year of my life! Dan and I were the same age and, presumed from some of our brief exchange of posts on FTTWR that we also experienced similar rough roads in our past.

    1. WOW! Not “available” when I clicked it. (OK. Granted. It has been almost 5 years since I posted the link. 🙂 :Lol: )
      Let”s see if this one works. 🙂

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