On guns and Covid, it’s liberty over lives


Protecting individual rights from government overreach is at the core of what sets the US apart from the rest of the world. It helped the country break free from a monarchy and withstand the pull of fascism, dictatorships and communism.

But in today’s interconnected global world of easily manufactured weapons and easily transmitted disease, protecting freedoms is coming at an ever greater cost.

We’re used to thinking of the fight for freedom in terms of wars fought abroad, like the long fight in Afghanistan.

But America’s longest war isn’t in Afghanistan, it’s right here at home.

Far more deadly and uniquely American than any military conflict, the US gun war is raging in US cities and suburbs, in schools, and offices, at churches and grocery stores.

Americans who didn’t volunteer for duty are on the front lines and dying for your freedoms every single day.

The latest battlefield erupted in Indianapolis Thursday night, where eight people were gunned down in a few minutes at a FedEx facility.

The “liberty” promised by the Declaration of Independence is interfering with the “life” and the “pursuit of happiness” in ways the Founding Fathers could never have imagined.

Given the choice, with help from conservative courts and Second Amendment true believers, the country is choosing personal freedom over public safety, giving some of its people a feeling of liberty, but also causing many people to die in the process.

‘National embarrassment,’ but not necessarily the next priority

Biden called the endless roll of mass shootings “a national embarrassment” at a Friday afternoon news conference, but he pushed back on a question about his administration prioritizing infrastructure over pushing for new gun control, calling on Congress to act. “It doesn’t mean that I can’t also be working at the same time on the economy and on Covid, but it’s not a question of my being able to set the agenda in the Senate as to what they will move to first.”

In today’s US, where everything seems like a partisan, political fight, the subject might be Covid restrictions or gun control, but it’s generally the same Republican lawmakers and governors pushing liberty versus a science and public health crowd pushing statistics about lives lost.

Read the rest here: https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/17/politics/mass-shootings-covid-personal-freedoms/index.html

6 thoughts on “On guns and Covid, it’s liberty over lives

  1. “It helped the country break free from a monarchy and withstand the pull of fascism, dictatorships and communism.”

    Funny how CNN aka Communist News Network talks about breaking free from and withstanding Communism. Doublespeak yet again!

  2. Here’s the science. You don’t want to get killed by someone. Then stay strapped and keep your head on a swivel. Just imagine if a “REAL” active shooter was shooting and everyone there had a gun and wasn’t so cowardly to use one. I bet active shooters won’t shoot that many people. It’s really that f#€king simple. Maybe if our society these pricks created around us wasn’t so sick we wouldn’t have people going crazy and hating people so much they feel they need to kill. More guns is the answer.

    P.S. No f#€king Republican is arguing for liberty.

  3. Oh, look at that. They’ve established psychological mindset with their covid psyops to marry it with the anti-gun psyops.

    Thanks, bernays, and more importantly thanks, joos

    1. Touché indeed!

      This along with those fake Bill of rights teachers from yesterday’s article

      This all ends in and with conflict-war! We the people against tyranny and tyrants and their piss ants..!

      Hmm guess nothing has changed, full circle.!

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